■ Winner - Mr. Wang Xiqin

Birthplace: Xiangxiang, Hunan

Birth: May 1, 46, Republic of China


Communications Office: No. 1, Zhonggang Steel Road, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City, China Steel Corporation Technical Department 103

Education: Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University (June 1979)

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University (June 1981)

Ph.D., Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University (January 1994)

1. Engineer of Steel and Aluminum Products R&D Department of China Steel Corporation 1981.12~1986.07

2. Researcher of Steel and Aluminum Products R&D Department of China Steel Corporation 1986.08~1994.05

3. Researcher of Steel and Aluminum Products R&D Department of Sinosteel Corporation 1994.06~1994.12

4. Leader of R&D Department of Steel and Aluminum Products of Sinosteel Corporation 1994.12~1998.10

5. Leader of Metallurgical Technology Department of China Steel Corporation 1998.11~2000.08

6. Leader of R&D Department of Steel and Aluminum Products of Sinosteel Corporation 2000.09~2001.08

7. Deputy Director of R&D Department of Steel and Aluminum Products of China Steel Corporation 2001.08~2004.07

8. Director of R&D Department of Steel and Aluminum Products of Sinosteel Corporation 2004.07~2009.03

9. Assistant Deputy General Manager of Technical Department of China Steel Corporation 2009.03~.2011.12

Present: 1. Deputy General Manager of Technical Department of China Steel Corporation 2012.01~

  1. 2. Chairman of China Steel Refinery Co., Ltd. 2011.01~
  1. 3. Chairman of Haotai Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd. 2012.03~
  1. 4. Executive Director of China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society
  1. 5. Chairman of China Metallurgical Engineering Metallurgy Committee

Award: Best Paper Award at the Steel Technology Conference of the Iron and Steel Association in 1990

              Best Paper Award of the Republic of China Welding Society, 1992

              1992 National Youth Salvation Mission National Outstanding Youth Medal

              1992 Executive Academy Outstanding Research Award

              Best Paper Award of the 1993 Iron and Steel Association Steel Technology Seminar

              1993 China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society Paper Award

              1994 Chinese Society of Engineers Jane Paper Award

              1995 China Steel Corporation Research Achievements Chairman Award

              1996 Republic of China Welding Association Technical Paper Award

              2007 The 5th National Outstanding Manager Award of the Association of Enterprise Managers of the Republic of China

              Fellow of the Chinese Society of Materials Science in 2013

■Technical Medal Please Awards:

Deputy General Manager Wang Xiqin has served in the technical department of Sinosteel for 33 years. During his tenure as a researcher, he is committed to the research and development of hot rolled steel products, and has outstanding performance in new product development and product quality improvement. For example, in the 82nd year of the Republic of China, the “Extreme Low-Toughening Iron (ULCB) Steel Development” won the Outstanding Research Award of the Executive Yuan, and in the following year (83 years), it won the Jensen Paper Award of the Chinese Society of Engineers, which is the highest honor in the domestic engineering field. And President Meng summoned Jiayu. Since he was promoted to the position of R&D director in December, he has contributed to the R&D strategy and planning of steel and aluminum products and new materials development, process improvement, product application and automated testing, and led the research and development team of Sinosteel. In the fields of steel, aluminum and special metals, we have achieved fruitful technological innovations. We not only refined the product development and process technology capabilities of Sinosteel, but also successfully assisted the transformation and upgrading of the domestic steel industry. Therefore, in the Republic of China in 1998, Sinosteel was awarded the “Industry Innovation Excellence Achievement Award” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. I would like to summarize the main achievements and special contributions of Deputy General Manager Wang as follows:

(1) Research and development of advanced material design, smelting and rolling technology, such as clean steel steelmaking technology and precision rolling technology, to produce high-quality steel with high performance and double value, such as 35CS190 electromagnetic steel sheet and specifications Development of the highest EH47 high-strength ship plate and JSC1180Y automotive steel sheet. In addition, it also assists the downstream steel industry in the development and application of advanced secondary and tertiary processing technologies, such as hot stamping forming technology and pipe fitting hydroforming technology, to create differentiated competitive advantages and produce more end products with high profit potential. Create more industries for the backbone enterprises and the kingdom.

(II) Serving as the chairman of Sinosteel Fine Materials Co., Ltd., in order to practice Sinosteel's vision of “industrial material supplier”, actively promote the development of special alloys, establish independent feeding capacity, and successfully improve the output value and international competitiveness of domestic metal industry. After the company was put into production in 100 years, it has completed the development of 8 kinds of titanium alloys, 11 kinds of nickel alloys, and 1 mold steel. Among them, titanium 64 alloy wire has been applied to iPhone5, and the newly developed flat wire is applied to iphone 6 shaped snail. Cap, successfully entered the Apple product supply chain. For a long time, the special alloys required for the manufacture of domestic petrochemical equipment have been imported from abroad. Not only are the prices high, but the delivery period is as long as 4-5 months. The equipment manufacturing costs are high, the delivery period cannot be effectively controlled, and the industry is greatly reduced. Competitiveness. After the special steel alloyed by Sinosteel, led by Vice President Wang, the quality of the products is not only comparable to that of foreign countries, but also the price is more advantageous. With the convenience of the place, the delivery time can be shortened to 2-3 months. Within the scope, the equipment production costs will be greatly reduced, and the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers in bidding for international projects will be enhanced.

(3) Develop high-end carbon material products from self-produced coal tar pitch, which are used in industries such as batteries for electric vehicles, solar cells and energy storage systems for wind power generation, including high-power anode materials for lithium ion batteries (LIB). And the use of activated carbon for ultra-high capacitors, its quality has reached international standards, and has been adopted by domestic and German, Japan and other foreign battery / super capacitor manufacturers.

(4) Self-developed chrome-free electromagnetic steel sheet coatings. In 1997, it officially launched chrome-free electromagnetic steel sheets, which are leading the Japanese, Korean and Sinosteel factories. Currently, the third generation products have been launched, and their performance is better than that of chrome-coated coatings. The annual turnover of the products exceeds 6 billion yuan.

(5) Self-developed vanadium oxide/tungsten oxide/titanium dioxide series of dual-function SCR plate-shaped environmentally-friendly catalyst mass production technology, which was mass-produced in the second quarter of 1996 and applied to Sinosteel's steel sintering field and incinerator. The denitrification, de-wearing Oxygen ability and adhesion strength are equivalent to those of foreign catalysts, and successfully replaced foreign imported catalysts. This plate-type catalyst mass production technology will be transferred to Yuke, a joint venture between Zhongyu and Continental Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., so that the self-developed SCR catalyst technology can be extended to the mainland to create a considerable production value.

(6) Committed to the maintenance of patent intellectual property, in addition to establishing a smart property class, actively promoting patent applications, strengthening the intellectual property of Sinosteel, and serving as the chairman of the Patent Promotion Committee, effective in increasing the number of patent applications and licenses issued by Sinosteel since 1998. , entered the double-digit ranking of the Intellectual Property Bureau, and continued to improve the rankings. In 102 years, the number of patent applications ranked 12th in the country, and the number of patent licenses ranked 19th in the country. In addition, the company led the China Steel Corporation to participate in the selection of the National Invention and Creation Awards organized by the Intellectual Property Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 1999, it won the National Invention Creation Gold Medal, 100 years won the Enterprise Contribution Award and the Invention Creation Gold Medal, and in 102, it won the Creative New Prize. .

(7) Promoting the “R&D Alliance” to assist the transformation and upgrading of the domestic steel industry with remarkable results. Through industry analysis, identify the high-value terminal products to be developed and the key core technologies to be cultivated, and then jointly organize R&D alliances with production, government, learning, research and other units to bring together the original scattered R&D energy, focusing on In the urgent and important technological development, the purpose of promoting the upgrading of the steel industry in Taiwan and the high value of products will be achieved. At present, it has set up 16 R&D alliances and 13 industry special projects in industries such as screws, nuts, automobiles, motors, steel structures and hand tools, as well as bearing steel and wafer cutting lines. 38 joint research projects, establishing 36 common core technologies, in addition to creating an output value and efficiency of NT$50.5 billion, more successful in assisting the domestic steel industry to transform and upgrade, enhance product added value, and make the steel material industry Become another mega yuan industry in China.

(8) Limited enterprise resources and endless social resources. In order to make good use of external resources and promote the strategy of "open innovation", we will jointly establish an "engineering R&D center" to strengthen cooperation between China Steel and Taiwan's academic research community. In order to introduce external R&D energy to accelerate the development of various products and related application technologies. At present, Sinosteel has established “Motor”, “Metal Properties and Microstructure”, “Steel Structure”, “Advanced Steel Organization Control” and “Metal” at the successful universities, Zhongshan University, Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan University and Metal Center. Five engineering R&D centers such as the high value of the industry.

(9) By establishing a “joint research laboratory” (JRL) with customers, in addition to establishing a mechanism for collaborative research and development with customers, it can also provide differentiated technical services. By deepening the customer's site to help solve its actual material problems, improve the adaptability of Sinosteel and its customers' processing processes, to enhance customer's reliability, increase Sinosteel's supply opportunities, and tailor-made for each other's needs. Work, plan a long-term, strategic technical blueprint. In addition to the establishment of the "Compressor Joint Laboratory" in cooperation with Ruizhi and ITRI, Sinosteel has established a "Motor Joint Laboratory" in cooperation with Dongyuan, and is also in the automotive industry with China Huachuang Electric Vehicle, Quanxing Industrial and the mainland. Chery Automobile and Jianghuai Automobile have set up four automobile joint laboratories respectively to establish a close partnership with the car manufacturers.

(10) In cooperation with successful universities to promote the “Industry-Academic Alliance” project, Sinosteel was approved by the National Science Council and the Ministry of Economic Affairs on July 23, 102, and obtained the “Next Generation Steel and its Green Process and Product Innovation Application”. The major alliance program subsidy, which is to assist the domestic steel industry, to grasp the opportunities for forward-looking development, to develop the next-generation steel, green process, and advanced steel technology needed to improve the overall competition of steel upstream and downstream industries. force. In this project, China Steel has planned 15 research topics and guided the academic circle to plan 24 sub-projects, which will achieve the next-generation steel product and application technology development goals, and create a high value-added industry cluster for the steel industry. The environment needed.

(11) Promote the 〝 industry alliance, through the engineering research and development center, joint laboratory and R&D alliance established by Sinosteel, combine industry, education and research to create an open innovation platform to accumulate rich intellectual energy, and Introduce it into industrial applications as a driving force to support customer product and technology development. In addition, Sinosteel has also formed alliances with key domestic steel industry center factories to jointly promote the construction of high-value industrial settlements and achieve the goal of promoting three-chain optimization. At this stage, Sinosteel has begun to construct the BLCD motor industry cluster and the automotive steel sheet hot stamping industrial chain.

■ Zhang Ming praises:

Mr. Wang Xiqin, a native of Xiangxiang, Hunan Province, was born in the Republic of China in 46 years. He is a Ph.D., National Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University. He is currently the deputy general manager of the technical department of Sinosteel, the chairman of Sinosteel Co., and the chairman of Yutai Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd. Member of the Standing Committee and Chairman of the Metallurgical Committee. Dr. Wang serves on the 33rd generation of Sinosteel Co., Ltd., dedicated to the research and development of hot rolled steel wire products, upgrading smelting and rolling technology, new product development and product performance improvement, outstanding performance; development in steel products and new materials, process improvement, product application and Research strategy and planning in related fields such as automated testing, outstanding performance; won the National Youth Salvation Group National Outstanding Youth Medal, the Executive Academy Outstanding Research Award, the Chinese Society of Engineers Jane Paper Award, the Republic of China Enterprise Managers Association 25th National Outstanding Manager Award.

Wang's contribution to the development of China's steel industry and the enhancement of international competitiveness, and the award of the "Technical Medal" of the highest honor of the Republic of China in 103 years.