China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society purchases permanent meeting place

This Council has been in Taiwan for 40 years since it was held in Taiwan in October and October. During this period, due to the concerted efforts of successive presidents, supervisors, directors and all members, the number of members has increased, and the number of members has increased from 500 to 50 in the 50 years of the Republic of China. More than a hundred people. There is no permanent and applicable clubhouse, so the development of conferences is limited. In October of this year, the annual general meeting of the Communist Party of China adopted the "to expand the membership activities, enhance the membership, invite the council to launch fundraising, and establish a permanent club". The resolution: "Submitted to the next council for research."

Chairman of the Board Jin Kaiying - set off a wave of fundraising campaigns for the establishment of the clubhouse

The current council is chaired by Kaiying, and respects the resolutions of the conference. The resolution of the first joint meeting of the supervisors is proposed in this case: "The amount of each member's contribution is at least 300 yuan for members and at least 200 yuan for members." The junior member is at least one hundred yuan, and the foreigner is at least four hundred yuan (that is, the US dollar is ten yuan). At the same time, it is also recommended to domestic members and mining and metallurgical related institutions. Since the resolution of this resolution to all of our members in February this year, the company has consistently and enthusiastically responded to the support of our domestic and foreign members, and fully supported the remittances.

place 01  

In addition, there is an automatic request for donations from the Association. Love will be enthusiastic and responsible, and deeply impressed the opening of the British and the supervisors, and strive for more efforts, and actively carry out, in the shortest period, to promote its realization.

At the same time that the members of the Association launched the donation, they resumed the proposal of the Finance Committee of the Association to propose external recruitment. After the convener of the Finance Committee, Mr. Zhu Botao, he worked hard to plan the donation method, and invited the finance committees, supervisors, and departments. Members are divided into separate ways according to the donation method, and this group invites members of the group to take care of the enthusiasm of this association, strongly support and donate. At the same time, the relevant business and industry institutions are re-divided, and they are eager to praise their academic achievements and to spare no effort. I am interested in the mining and smelting academics of this association, and I am willing to invite you to sponsor and donate generously. After the comrades of my members rushed to negotiate and donated, I was deeply acquainted with the enthusiasm of the members of the various groups, and supported them with generous donations. At the same time, the relevant business and industry institutions are re-divided, and they are eager to praise their academic achievements and to spare no effort. I am interested in the mining and metallurgy academics of this association, and I am willing to invite you to sponsor them with great enthusiasm. After the comrades of our members rushed to negotiate and donated, they were fully supported by various groups and relevant industrial and commercial institutions, and they were allowed to donate. The amount of donations is gradually approaching the target, and the establishment of the club has reached a stage of progress. If the donation work can be carried out smoothly in the future, when the annual meeting is launched, that is, the members will be in the networking period of the new office, that is, Kaiying and The date my members wish to pay.However, in view of the fact that real estate has risen by about 20% in recent months, the original amount of $500,000 has been insufficient. In the future, all the arrangements in the clubhouse and the future maintenance of the clubhouse will still require considerable amounts and operations. Funds, borrowing capital, so as not to be difficult to follow up, so my members who have not yet paid the donors, pray that before the end of July, 56, the donation will be deposited in the account of the Post Office to allocate funds to the 6870, or to the Council; Already assigned to the external fundraiser, we must continue to work hard to achieve the goal of allocating donations, collecting donations, and pooling profits. Wherever my members are able to encourage the recruiters, I would like to ask for a love enthusiasm, and I will automatically ask for donations from the Association and conduct a fundraising campaign to achieve success and hope.

     Mr. Jin Kaiying, the new chairman of the Republic of China in 1965, adhered to the resolution of the last (fifty-five) board of directors: "Building a permanent club" and immediately convened the first joint meeting of the board of supervisors to launch a fundraising method to implement "establish permanent The clubhouse. After the spurt of the fundraising club, the camp was finally completed. In January of the Republic of China, the permanent clubhouse of the second floor of No. 38-1, Section 2, Jinan Road, Taipei City was completed. There was a fixed clubhouse, which led to the general administration of the Society. The officer (Secretary-General) can be stationed in the office, and the board of supervisors and the standing committees can hold various administrative developments. Meetings, seminars on various academic activities, membership gatherings, ... will lead to a thriving meeting!

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