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Mining and Metallurgy - Mr. Lu Shandong, unfortunately, returned to Tianjia on June 6th, the Republic of China, and enjoyed a long life of 90. On the morning of July 11th, he held a rest in worship at the Christian Wynn Hall in the third section of Xinsheng South Road, Taipei. Political and business celebrities, business leaders and mining and metallurgical colleagues attended more than 500 worshippers; President Ma Yingjiu, Vice President Xiao Wanchang, President Liu Zhaoxuan of the Executive Yuan, Minister Yi Qiming of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, President Li Wei of Taiwan University, President Wu Zhongyu of Jiaotong University and Wu Jianguo The chairman of the board of directors sent a godly devotion, and the scene was solemn and solemn, and prepared for mourning!

      The rest of the week was led by the elders of Xiao Xiao, the main priest of Christian Taipei, the sacred sect of Xu Zhongliang, and the elders of Hu Weishan. At the same time, Lu Gong’s “Traveling Album” multi-coal was screened to introduce Lu Gong’s colorful home life and Preside over the precious portraits of major mining academic activities in China; the congregation will be full of love and infinite grief! Finally, the family representatives thanked the words, sang the poems of "Residing in the home", paying tribute to the remains, enlightening in the melodious sound of the temple, and accommodating the Jinbaoshan cemetery in northern Taiwan.

      Lu Gong’s life has made outstanding achievements in the development of China’s mining industry; he has made great contributions to the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy! A generation of mining and metallurgy giants collapsed, sorrowful grief and nostalgia.

■ Mr. Lu Shandong’sline

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      Mr. Lu Shandong, a native of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, was born in June of the Republic of China. Bachelor of Mining and Metallurgy Engineering, Tangshan Institute of Technology, National Chiao Tung University, Penn State University, USA, specializing in mine ventilation, mining machinery, mine evaluation and mining economy, paper "Submarine Coal Mining Operations"; accepted by the US Mining Bureau Mining Technology Field Training and the United States University of Michigan Enterprise Management Study.

      When he graduated from college in 32 years, he met the anti-war party and participated in the mining engineers of Chongqing Tianfu Coal Mine and Jianchuan Coal Mine. After the war, the Production Bureau called for the appointment of an engineer to explore the exploration and development of the minerals in the rear. Victory in the Anti-Japanese War, transferred to the Ministry of Economic Affairs as a recommended technician, responsible for the fuel production and sales of the capital Nanjing. The Commissioner of the Resources Committee was rotated to handle the planning and supervision of the national industrial and mining construction.

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     Since the mainland has been fighting for it, he has been diligently engaged in international trade. He was the manager of Guangzhou Expedo Inc. Later, due to the CCP crossing the river, Guangzhou vibrate, he was transferred to the deputy manager of Ronson brothers, Ltd. in Hong Kong. Mr. has been in Hong Kong for six years. His life is good, but he did not want to be a member of the colony. He came to Taiwan from Hong Kong in the 43rd year of the Republic of China (1954).

      At this time, the National Government has also moved to Taiwan. Mr. Cheng Zongyang is the head of the Coal Mine Technical Counseling Committee of the Taiwan Carboniferous Adjustment Committee and is employed as a secretary. Twisted as the technical assistant of the director of the coal exploration department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, censored the coal source of the province, and discovered the submarine coal field; he was replaced by the director of the coal industry cooperation department of the China Coal Mine Development Company of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, using the US aid to assist the development of the coal mine; The head of the Hsinchu Coal Mine has achieved outstanding results and has been promoted to associates with the development and operation of the three major coal mines in Hsinchu, Fenglin and Nanhu.


  In the 54th year of the Republic of China, he was appointed as a consultant to the Taiwan Power Company. He also served as an advisor to the China Productivity and Trade Center, a consultant to the Mining Research Institute of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and a professor of the Taipei Institute of Technology. In the 58 years of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, he served as a special committee member, deputy director of the Mining Department, transferred to the coal industry rationalization fund committee, and was promoted to the position of the mining department, all of whom are committed to the development of the national mining industry. After retiring from the post of director in July, he was hired as a consultant of the Institute of Energy and Mining of the Industrial Technology Research Institute. He is also a professor of the Taipei Institute of Technology. He worked hard for mining technology research and began to work in July and August. "Decommissioning to the field."

      Mr. enthusiasm advocates mining and metallurgy academics. He has served as the director general, director, executive director, supervisor, standing supervisor and chairman of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society. He has also served as the chairman of the Publishing Committee from 1994 to 1995. The editor-in-chief of the "Mining and Metallurgy" has been published for forty-one years. He has been brilliantly written and creative. He was awarded the "Golden Tripod Award" by the Press Office of the Executive Yuan. The "Excellent Science and Technology Magazine Award" of the Ministry of Education is still the only one of the national engineering magazines so far (2009). From the sixty-three to seventy-two years, he served as the director-general of the association. He supervised the publication of the Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy and made great contributions to the promotion of academic research on mining and metallurgy. In the past 65 years, he accepted the "Technical Medal" of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society to celebrate its contribution to the mining and metallurgical industry and academics. From 73 to 74, he was elected as the chairman of the board of directors. He actively promoted academic activities and promoted the international "Modern Steel Technology Seminar" and the "Steel Industry High-level Management and Management Symposium" and held the eastern part of Taiwan. More than 20 seminars on mining technology. After the expiration of the term of office, the chairman of the board of directors still serves as the standing director or standing supervisor of the station, and is obliged to handle the meeting and is diligent. In the seventy-five-year period, the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy was established in the 60th year of Daqing, and presented the "Medal of Honor" to praise the promotion of the exhibition, and it was able to show its achievements. In the 85th year, the Mining and Metallurgy Society held a 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Association, and the 166th joint meeting of the Board of Supervisors. The resolution was awarded to the honorary member of the honorary title and awarded a certificate to demonstrate its commitment to the conference over the years. The merits and demerits of the martial arts are to show respect, this is the pioneering work of the Society since its founding in the past 70 years.

      In 1995, he learned to re-issue the "Performance Medal" in order to show his respect for the gentleman. He was also the executive director of the Republic of China Mining Association. He is now an honorary director. He received the "Mineral Service Medal" from the Republic of China Mining Association in July of 75, in recognition of his decades of service to the mining industry. Contribution, overflow and increase.

      In the fifty-sixth year of the Republic of China, in view of the fact that the Institute did not have a fixed office space, it often followed the new director's change, drifting around and moving around, and was inconvenient to promote membership and conferences. It was an initiative to raise funds to purchase permanent clubs. Mr. Deng Gaoyi Hu, member and business community, donated money, and finally bought a floor of the floor of the Jinan Road Clubhouse in Taipei today (in an area of ​​121.2 square meters, the present value is not worthwhile) for NT$332,097. Mr. is far-sighted and the congregation is very grateful; Virtue, has always stayed in history.

      On May 11th, he was married in Nanjing with Mr. Tang Youxi, a graduate student of Jiaotong University (a graduate of the Management Department of Jiaotong University, Peking University, and an accounting expert). He has the eldest son of Zhiyuan (a doctor of physics at Columbia University, a former professor at Jiaotong University, presided over the Science Monthly, a researcher at Bell Labs in the United States and a deputy director of the Institute of Electronics, and the second-micron process technology commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The plan is successful, leading China to become the world's fourth (1992) country with the know-how of gossip wafer process. Once served as deputy general manager and general manager of the world's advanced integrated circuit company. Five years later, Xinyi Technology The company is the chairman of the board, and the other is invited by Wanghong Electronics Co., Ltd., the current general manager.), the second son of super group (Stanford University, USA, Dr. Motor, returning to the country to visit relatives and associate professor of Jiaotong University, then went to the United States as the manager of IBM Research Center, Yu Yijiu In 1983, he invented a number of memory cells (SPT Cell) and core circuits that affected DRAM. It was used in 4Mb to 1Gb generations of products and was recognized as a major invention in the world. Later, he was honored as an academician of the American Academy of Engineering. After returning to China, he founded the technology. Co., Ltd. served as chairman of the board of directors, completing China's first 16Mb DRAM design for sub-micron process vehicles, promoting sub-micron Planning, early success), points married daughter-Zhang Fenfen, daughter in law Liaoshu Juan times, a total of three grandchildren, granddaughter of a man, intelligent and lovely, are studying American schools. The whole family is a Christian, and he is happy.

      Mr. Sishui is very enthusiastic about the affairs of his alma mater, Jiaotong University. Jiaotong University in the 47th year of the Republic of China (1958) was re-educated in Taiwan. In particular, he and his classmate Wu Bojun jointly designed the flag of the University of Taiwan and the school badge, and encouraged the alumni of the teachers and students to fly the banner and keep the alma mater. Mr. is particularly concerned about the support of his younger brothers and sisters in his alma mater, and his mother's school building and school promotion are fully supported. Thanks to Mr. and his wife's love for Jiaotong University, Erzi Zhiyuan and Chaoqun have also dedicated themselves to teaching at the Institute of Electronics, Hsinchu Jiaotong University. They have contributed and won the Distinguished Alumni Award from Jiaotong University.

      Mr. Lu’s wife, Mrs. Lu, was retired to Tianjia on January 4, 1989. Her husband’s love for the rest of his life was suddenly changed and his grief was overwhelming. His wife, Yingjia, chose the famous Jinbaoshan cemetery in North Taiwan, and personally and creatively designed it. The Indian granite was used as the main building material, and the Yingmao double-pointed, the tombs engraved the couple’s "Golden Marriage" poems, and "Bible Gold "Sentence"; Ying Tomb left-handed couples loved a lifetime of white porcelain color photos, showing artistic exquisite; around the Shouyuan planted with evergreen cypress and four seasons of flowers, beautiful. Mr. has already chosen, planned, designed for his wife and himself, and is surrounded by mountains and seas.

      Mr. is very insightful and diligent in writing, Wencai is extraordinary, and his works are mainly written: "Taiwan's Coal Mine" (Cheng Zongyang co-author), "Submarine Coal Mining Operations" (English), "Modern Mining Machinery", "Measuring" Management Science (Translation), "Pool Ventilation", "Mineral and Metallurgy Review", the first and second episodes, "Mineral and Metallurgy Review Collection", etc., on hundreds of articles, edited "Additional China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society History of the Association, carrying forward the history of the mine, and it is very successful.

      Mr. Dedicated to the "Minerals and Metallurgy Society", he is regarded as a lifelong career. Important gatherings must be accompanied by friends and enthusiasts. After nearly two years of full retirement, he will be less involved in activities, but he will call the telephone for consultation and care. The situation has not been reduced slightly. In March of last year, the pet body gradually became uncomfortable. After medical diagnosis, because of the high age, it is not suitable for active treatment. It is a peaceful life to enjoy the day, and the grandsons often accompany the side to the afternoon of June 6 At 50 points, the Lord is called, rest in peace; enjoy the life of ninety-three years old. A generation of mining giants, the collapse of the collapse, the mining industry lost the good teacher, Yu Sheng sorrow. Mr. Fenggong is dedicated, Fushou Shuangquan, Yinzhi descendants, Lufu one technology talent, Zhilan Yushu, Dasheng Dachang.

■ Zi Yan, etc.

A life, a Bible, three albums

      Brother Lu Shandong - Zhiyuan and the superb couple's beloved father - In 1917, the Republic of China was born in Fuzhou on the first day of June, the sixth year of the Lunar New Year. His father and Xingong have been home to three generations of hanging pots to help the world, with Chinese medicine serving the public, Lu is a respected homesickness for a long time, his mother Li Shujin, the family of brothers and sisters a total of five people. In 1942, his father was married to Ms. Tang Youzhen, the Department of Iron and Steel Management at the Pingyue Campus of Jiaotong University in Jiaotong University. In 1947, he became a lover. The mother’s 50-year-old asphyxia brain tumor was placed by God. The two men walked into the main church of Christianity. In 1975, they believed that God Jesus, who was baptized and reborn with his father’s life as a project power, was a proud example of the mining and metallurgy. Management articles, through the ancient times, and the future, can be called the good doctor of the Chinese mining and metallurgy industry, and enjoy the mining industry for more than 70 years. In 2000, her mother returned to Tianjiafu, her father kept on recollecting her mind, and she also regarded Tianren Zhenai’s children and grandchildren as the treasure of Lujia. He worked hard to cultivate and smelt, compiled the "Chinese Mining and Metallurgy Eighty Years Collection", aiming to consolidate the inheritance of the mining and metallurgy industry. The readings and prayers are persevering, and the love of understanding Christ is more complete, and the manuscripts are often written. However, God allowed all things to have their timing. On June 6th, 2009, the father was brought to the heavenly home, and he died at the end of his life. He witnessed the love of the Lord, who was 93 years old and had a good life.

      Looking up at my father’s life, after the beginning of the Republic, the Northern Expedition, the relocation and construction of Taiwan’s vicissitudes, and the fact that it is an ordinary environment, it has its own perseverance and unyielding values, so it is passed on to our children and grandchildren. Unusual and huge vitality. He lived earnestly, please see the line of things, and the essence has been recorded. Here I would like to outline the ordinary things to describe the father's voice, personality, ideals, persistence, emotion, wisdom, humor and strange grace for everyone to miss:

      In his father's life, there is a strong sense of idealism, patriotism and mission. Therefore, he chose the mining and metallurgical profession to dedicate his heart and soul: he once guarded the Mawei Fort from the army to resist the Japanese army, but he was inspired by the founding father to advocate the vision of industrial construction and the long-term war against Japan. Underground resources must be discovered, so he would rather go through Qianshan to Fuzhou to go to Guizhou to study the Department of Mining and Metallurgy, and also to pick up the popular motor department or civil engineering system. Nai's ambition is just like his usual high song. He does not count on the rocky valley, and goes to the five clouds where he is, mining to the country, to make a wonderful work! Until the age of 90, he still insisted on the mining and metallurgy industry, seeking for the benevolence, one heart and one virtue, and consistently, he did it. In the early 1990s, our two brothers were inspired by the state to promote semiconductor sub-micron projects, abandoning the US business and returning to the basics, contributing to the Taiwan semiconductor industry and making China's semiconductor power soaring, squeezing into the top four in the world. The cultivation of the homeland can also be regarded as a meritorious deed, inheriting the father’s strong sense of mission and vitality.

      My father is more than strategic planning, loves leadership, and is writing new articles in mining and metallurgical engineering and enterprise management to express his words: half a year before his death, in addition to reading the Bible, he especially likes to watch three films. The third part is in our hour. He likes to tell the story "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms". He particularly likes the heroes who will enter the phase, the Yunwen Yunwu, the savvy and the good leader, and it is his self-expectation, which makes us both listen louder. After his addiction, he unknowingly decided to do big things; he liked Zhuge Kongming, especially the masterpieces of his masterpieces, and he liked to be indifferent to Mingzhi, quiet and far-reaching, so the eldest son was Zhiyuan, and he admired Kong Ming’s single fan. Into the East Wu, the tongue warfare Confucianism, Ji Chaoqun Lun, hence the name of the second son is super group, and the most favorite to talk about Liu Xuande's Li Xianxian Shi, Guan Yunchang's right thin Yuntian, Zhang Yide's daring and fine and Zhao Zilong's loyal liver and gallbladder. The father’s words and deeds and the old age, and then the film prompts, the legacy is not into the eight shares, it is really wise!

      His father is full of emotions and loves aesthetics. He is not only deeply impressed by his mother and his family. He is always acquainted with his classmates, friends, latecomers and church brothers and sisters. He likes photography and painting when he was young, and he met his childhood when he was sketching at the Gejing Bridge in Guizhou. The mother looked at the paintings in the back, and they fell in love with each other, so that they fell in love with each other. They had a common understanding of the companion's love for 58 years. The mother was deficient in the left limb due to the removal of the brain tumor in 1974. The father took care of him and was inseparable. To achieve the sea police mountain alliance with the common pain. There was an anecdote in the sweet memories of parents. In 1986, we asked our parents to enter the United States. One day, my father pushed his mother to play in the San Diego Zoo in the wheelchair. When the parking was talking and laughing, an old American woman kissed him enthusiastically. Both said: You are true love ! My father not only loves his family, but also puts his true feelings on his friends. In 2002, we accompanied him to Beijing to visit Jiaotong University. More than a dozen friends in their 80s were only 60 years old. The father sang the song of the mining and metallurgy. For a long time; my father let us know that its enthusiasm is actually the life of hundreds of friends in elementary, middle school, university and first-time society.

■ 98年年會中本會致贈「終身貢獻獎」予盧前理事長

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