China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society Medal Committee

*The first three or three joint meetings of the Supervisory Board of the Republic of China on February 26, 2007

*The 51st Joint Meeting of the Supervisory Board of Supervisors and Supervisors of the Republic of China on December 26, 1991

* Amended by the Sixth Joint Meeting of the 52nd Supervisory Board of the Republic of China on March 17, 1994

Article 1: The China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is to reward members for their achievements in the academic and technical aspects of mining and metallurgy. In accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 13 of the Chapter, the Medal Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) is established.

Article 2: The tasks of this committee are as follows:

               About the solicitation of medal candidates.

               About the review of medal candidates.

               About the selection of the prize candidate.

Article 3: The committee shall have one chairman, and shall be appointed by the chairman of the board of directors every year after being approved by the board of directors.

Article 4: The committee shall have nine to eleven members, except one person shall be elected according to Article 3, and the committees of mining, metallurgy, petroleum and members shall recommend one member (but not the committee) and be The chairman of the board of directors has been selected by the council's medalists and regular members for four to five people, all of whom are appointed by the board of directors of the board of directors.

Article 5: This Council sets one or two technical medals each year, and presents it to one of the following conditions:

               First, in the academic, technical, and engineering research and development of mining and metallurgy, there are significant achievements and inventors.

  1. 2. Those who have made special reforms in the construction technology and production process of the engineering construction in the mining and metallurgical production institutions.

               Third, in the hosting of mining and metallurgical academic institutions or engineering construction has made significant contributions to the national society.

               Fourth, there are special performances in the safety technology and environmental management of the mine.

Article 6: The Committee announces in March each year the nomination of candidates for the medals of the year, as follows:

  1. 1. Anyone who is recommended by the Mining, Metallurgy or Petroleum Committee or who has more than five members of the Association will submit a recommendation letter by the end of August each year. The candidates' resumes, invitations and other relevant documents will be fifteen copies, sealed and sealed outside the package. The "Technical Medal" recommendation document is indicated and sent to the Committee by registered mail.
  1. 2. The relevant recommendation documents of the preceding paragraph shall be as follows:
  1. 1. The "Recommended Book" is limited to one thousand words. The content should briefly list the candidate's achievements or contributions, and the reasons for the recommendation.
  1. 2. "CV" includes the candidate's name, birthplace, date of birth, highest education, experience, expertise, writing and acceptance of honors. (Group member applicants are exempted)
  1. 3. The title of "Please Awards" is limited to 3,000 words. In addition to a brief description of its past achievements, it should emphasize the theme of its current award winning achievements and contributions, and elaborate on the sub-headings.
  1. 4. For documents or works to support their candidate's winnings, please list and attach.

Article 7: Members of the Committee may not sign candidates for nomination medals. However, if no candidate is proposed or proposed in the current session and has not been approved by the Committee, at the time of the assembly of the Committee, five or more members shall submit a medal for the award. Review. However, if the veto is rejected, the medal will be suspended.

Article 8: The Committee shall convene a meeting before the end of September each year. Members shall attend in person and may not send agents. And is chaired by the chairman. In the absence of the chairman, one of the members is the chairman, and the majority of the meeting is quorum. The secret review is as follows:

  1. 1. The candidate shall be a member of the Association who is currently living and working in the country or a group member in the country.
  1. 2. The recommender and the candidate shall be the regular members or group member representatives who have paid the current year and the outstanding contributions, otherwise the recommendation shall not be accepted. The recommender may not sign the case for the case of the medal candidate for the current year.
  1. 3. The candidate's recommended book and the prize-winning information, etc., are considered to be no objection and submitted for voting.

Article 9: The committee shall hold the winners' secret ballot election on the day after the review and discussion of the assembly. It shall be passed by a majority of the members present by secret ballot, and the chairman may also vote. If the candidate is two or more, and no one can attend the majority of the members, the one with the least number of votes shall be eliminated and then voted by secret ballot. If a single vote has been passed to only one candidate and it has not yet been passed, it may be handled in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of this Regulation.

Article 10: If the candidate in the preceding article election is a member of the Committee, the member shall abstain from voting.

Article 11: The Committee shall keep the results of the review and elections confidential and shall not disclose them. It shall be submitted to the Council of the Association for formal determination, and a letter shall be sent to inform the winners of the copy to the annual meeting or the preparatory committee of the General Assembly.

Article 12: The medals and their certificates are issued at the annual meeting or general meeting.

Article 13: This syllabus shall be implemented after the adoption of the Council of the Association, and the same shall apply to the amendment.