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Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Nouns and Mining and Metallurgy Dictionary

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■ In January of the 19th, the Ministry of Education announced the "Glossary of Mining and Metallurgy Engineering" - National Compilation Hall

Dictionary 01

Preface "Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Nouns", the lack of a special book, the initiative to edit, for a long time. In the summer of the 45th year of the Republic of China, Mr. Lin Hongbiao, the director of the Taiwan Metal Mining Corporation Concentrator, was entrusted by the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society and began to submit the first draft to the main building. The museum is for serious reasons. The company is invited to propose a list of members submitted by the Ministry of Education. When recruiting Zhu Qian, Wang Qiding, Wang Zhong, Li Minghe, Lin Sicheng, Lin Hongbiao, Shao Yizhou, Shi Jiafu, Yuan Shizhen, Sun Jinghua, Guo Yizhi, Lu Zhihong, Twenty people including Cheng Zongyang, Ye Xiufeng, Dong Weiqiao, Lei Baohua, Jiang Jingyi, Lu Hengruo, Qian Zhuru, and Yan Enyu are members of the Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Terminology Review Committee, Mr. Zhu Qian and Chairman. From June 45 to July 47, the manuscripts were distributed to the examiners and relevant units for review, and revised opinions were submitted to the meeting for discussion. In August of the 47th, the assembly review was held. The first meeting decided to conduct group review and then conduct comprehensive review. In the group review stage, two groups of mining and metallurgy were scored. The mining group was convened by Cheng Zongyang, and the metallurgical group was composed of Lu Zhihong. Convene; meet once a week, until October of the 47th, where the assembly meets eleven times, the group review is completed. Immediately, Chiang Kai-shek will be sorted out, and the petroleum engineering terminology compiled by China National Petroleum Corporation and the terms added by each member of the company will be added to re-edit the mimeograph. Following the general review meeting in February of 48, the meeting will be held once a week. In July of the 48th year, there were 12 meetings and 13 meetings for the first time, and a total of 24 times together with the group meeting. The review time was one. Regardless of the group review and comprehensive review, every member of the committee has a difficult question-by-word question, and has studied each other. During the process of addition, reduction, revision, and editing, the committee member Jiang Jingjing was re-introduced and finalized. The completion of the term, the cooperation of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society, and the review of the members of the committee, so that the book can be published as soon as possible, to the deep sense of Qin; and the completion of the first draft of the forest member Hongbiao, Chairman Zhu Qianzhi presided over the review, The Chiang Kai-shek is quietly organized twice, and the museum is particularly grateful. Although the preparation of this term has been carried out with prudent procedures, it is inevitable that it will be overlooked. In addition, with the development of mining and metallurgy engineering, the new term must be increased at any time, and it is expected that it will be enlightened at home. It is fortunate that it has been changed.

Wang Fengqi, Chen Kezhong (Australian Republic of China, August 48)


■The Ministry of Education announced the "Glossary of Mining and Metallurgy Engineering" in December of the Republic of China--National Compilation Hall

dictionary 02

Dictionary 02

The preface "Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Nouns" has not been revised since the first edition of the Republic of China in August, and has not been applied for many years. In view of this, the Library requested the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society to continue to cooperate in the revision in July of the 65th year of the Republic of China. The first draft was compiled by a team of senior scholars in the fields of mining, geology, metallurgy, petroleum and materials, and was submitted for review in July 1977.


The museum was recommended by the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society and submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval. Wu Bojun, Lu Shandong, Shi Zuojian, He Chunzhen, Du Junxian, Li Hanjin, Wu Dezhen, Lu Xuejun, Qiu Yue, Lin Hongbiao, Zhou Shishan, Hou Guoguang, Sun Jinghua, Chen Yu, Feng Da Zong, Chen Longxuan, Tu Qintao, Chen Ruixiang, Zhang Xiling, Huang Dingxiong, Huang Jinxi, Yang Shu, Yang Yuxi, Yan Shuyan, Zhan Yiqian, Dong Weiqiao, Zhao Qing, Zhao Zehong, Liu Tuo, Yan Nianzu, Tan Liping and Gong Yuru, and other scholars and experts Member of the review committee of the mining and metallurgical engineering term. Mr. Wu Bojun is the chairman and Mr. Lu Shandong is the vice chairman. The review committee began its assembly in March of 1968. After careful research and research, it was decided to be divided into three groups: mining, metallurgy and petroleum. The three conveners, Lu Shandong, Chen Yu and Wu Dejun, were convened to conduct the review. The review committee met three times, the mining group twenty-three times, the metallurgy group twenty-one, the oil group 65 times, and ended in December of the year, with a total of 13,8,897. , a significant increase of 10,000 or so from the first edition, and finalized by Mr. Du Junxian, Fang Cheng finalized. During the period under review, the members of the committee worked tirelessly and carefully, and they were greatly grateful. In particular, the chairman of the committee, Mr. Wu Bojun, and the deputy director, Mr. Lu Shandong, presided over the review, Mr. Du Junxian’s final arrangement, Lin Hongbiao and Zhang Xiling’s corrections. The enthusiastic assistance of Mr. Huang Dingxiong, Chen Wuxiong, Yan Nianzu and Li Hanjin is even more impressive. The term encountered a lot of difficulties during the school schedule, and it was delayed for a long time. Thanks to the efforts of the natural science group and the publishing group colleagues of the museum, they were overcome one by one. Finally, Professor Chen Peiyuan carefully revised and expressed his gratitude.

Although the process of compiling and reviewing this term is extremely cautious, it is inevitable that the omissions are inevitable. It is still prayed that scholars and experts at home and abroad should be enlightened, so that it is fortunate to be revised in the future.

National Compilation Hall Director Lan Shunde Zhizhi / October


■The mining and metallurgy dictionary came out to help the research

dictionary 03

Dictionary 03

The Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy was one of the important tasks of this Council since the establishment of the 15th year of the Republic of China and the 40th anniversary of the Republic of China in Taiwan. It was convened by the Publishing Committee in the 58th year of the Republic of China (1969). Lu Shandong served as the director and repaired it. It lasted for seven years and began to be presented at the Jinxi Memorial.


The term or dictionary of mining and metallurgy engineering is an important tool for academic research and engineering practice in mining and metallurgy.

In view of the fact that in the past ten years or so, the academics of mining and metallurgy have progressed with each passing day. New terms have been developed and should be updated. The old names must also be revised or deleted to meet the needs of the times. ... This Council believes that the terminology of mining and metallurgy has a polysemy. It is not a commentary. It is difficult to distinguish it. It is not a noun and there is no interpretation of the version. It is decided in the 58th year... Compilation of the Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy .

The characteristics of the Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy are the common scientific and engineering terms that are commonly used and closely related to mining and smelting oil. They are included in the selection and are explained in the meaning of the dictionary. Interpretation of nouns.

The compilation of the Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy was presided over by Lu Shandong, the convener of the Publishing Committee of the Association, and the "Mineral and Metallurgical Dictionary Compilation Group" was established, with Lu Shandong as the supervisor, Gong Yiru as the editor-in-chief and the mining editor, and Hou Guoguang as the chief editor of the metallurgy. Zhan Yiqian is the editor-in-chief of the oil section, and he is invited to serve as a contributing member for each expert member, and to compile the first draft of the noun and its notes.

The first draft of each part of the "Mining and Metallurgy Dictionary" was completed in the 61st year of the Republic of China. The convener of the Committee of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, Cheng Zongyang, Sun Jinghua and Wu Dezhen, was responsible for the review. It lasted for three years and was reviewed in the Republic of China for 63 years. Finished, and then finalized by the publishing committee.

After the publication of the three terms and interpretations of the above-mentioned mining and smelting oil, the publishing committee invited the publishing committee member Mr. Shan Zhiyi to be responsible for the comprehensive reorganization of the final draft and the preparation of the first draft of the English-Chinese and Chinese-English noun index in the autumn of that year. Complete the reorganization of the full text of the dictionary.

In the 65th year of the Republic of China, Jinhui Daqing celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Association. He decided to publish the Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy, providing academic and engineering circles to explore academic tools and commemorating Yongzhi Jinyu. The Publishing Committee established the "Mineral and Metallurgical Dictionary Publishing Group" and hired the Standing Supervisor Mr. Wu Dejun as the convener to publish the issue. Before the publication, the supervisor, Lu Shandong and the editor-in-chief Gong Yuru, made a comprehensive detailed collation of the full manuscript, and finally finalized the draft. Looking at the dictionary, after several times of nuclear school, we are cautious about it, and we are doing our best, and we are pleased to present it at the birthday of the Golden Jubilee.

The compilation of the "Mining and Metallurgy Dictionary" lasted for seven years and was published. When the Taiwan economy accelerated, the country began to pay attention to the exploration and development of energy and mineral resources, as well as refining and Processing and utilization, this rich "Mineral and Metallurgical Dictionary" came out, allowing to adapt to the needs... Chairman Wu Bojun knows.


The publication of the Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy is an important work for the academic research of mining and metallurgy. The committee was dealt with in the resolution of the 51st joint meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Association in the Republic of China in 1988. Immediately, the "Mineral and Metallurgical Dictionary Compilation Group" was established, and the editor-in-chief, the editor-in-chief and the contributing committee members were appointed. The organization was as follows (the number in the brackets of the surname is the number of years of employment in the Republic of China, and the number of no figures is 58-65). year):


Lu Shandong


Chief editor

Gong Yuru


Part of the mining editor

Gong Yuru (60~65)

Ma Cheng (58-59)


Ma Yucheng (60~65)

Li Wenzhong (58~59)


Chen Liancheng (58-63)

Chen Wufu (60~65)


Lin Hongbiao (58)

Zeng Si'an (58~59)


Lin Yiquan (58~61)

Yu Wenbin (58~59)


Huang Guozhen (58~61)

Su Yingyuan (64~65)


Wang Zhizhong (58~59)

Xu Fuji (58~59)


原 鐸(58~59)

Wang Jingping (58~61)


Zhang Hongtai (58~59)

Ni Qinghe (58~59)


He Chunxi (64)

Wang Xin (64)

Chief editor of metallurgy

Hou Guoguang



Zhao Zehong

Cheng Renxia


Zhao Qing

Yan Zhaohui (60~62)


Sun Binghu

Xu Zewei


Zhou Chuanxun (60~65)

Wu Changyu (60~65)


Zhou Shishan (63~65)

Liu Yuxiang (59~65)


Hong Ming plate (64 ~ 65)

Liu Xiangyu (59~62)

Chief editor of oil

Zhan Yiqian



Huang Jinxi

Guan Mingyi


Li Hanjin

Lin Hong


Weng Fengyuan



Yu Zhongxian


The compilation of this dictionary is a general term for (1) mining (including general geology), (2) metallurgy (including general materials science) and (3) petroleum (including natural gas). Those who have a noun and have a number of meanings, who are separately quoted, or a noun used in mining, metallurgy or petroleum, also explain their different meanings. This principle is written separately.

The first draft of the oil was written in the 59th year, and was requested by the convener of the Petroleum Commission, Wu Dejun, to be reviewed by the committee, and the review was finalized in 62 years. The first draft of the metallurgy was completed in 61 years. After the meeting, the director of the Metallurgical Committee, Sun Jinghua, was in charge of the examination of Professor Lu Zhihong of the Taiwan University. Professor Lu died in May of the 62nd year when he reviewed the full draft of the draft. I was asked to review the Department of Metallurgical Materials of the University of Success, and Professor Zhou Shishan presided over the matter. The full review was completed in 63 years. The first draft of the mining industry was completed in 61 years. The convener of the Mining Committee, Cheng Zongyang, was in charge of the appointment of Lu Shandong, Gong Yuru, Dan Zhiwei, Li Wenzhong and Tan Liping for review.

In the sixty-fourth year, the committee began to comprehensively reorganize the final drafts, and Mr. Shan Zhiyi hosted it for half a year, and compiled the first draft of the English-Chinese and Chinese-English noun index... So the full version of the Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy was completed.

Finally, in order to make this dictionary a smooth publication, the committee set up the "Mineral and Metallurgical Dictionary Publishing Group" to invite Wu Dezhen as the convener, and is responsible for publishing matters.

During the payment period, Lu Jingdong, the editor of the classics, and the editor-in-chief Gong Yuru re-integrated the full version of the nuclear school, with a view to excellence. And re-correct the first draft of the English-Chinese noun index to avoid mistakes. The first draft of the Chinese-English noun index is requested by Du Junxian, Shi Naiwen, Ji Rongxun, Chen Yizhen, Lin Yufu and Cai Manyu to assist in the reorganization. In the proofreading, the publishing committees are invited to make several nuclear schools, and the period can be perfect, and the birthday of the Jinqing Daqing is readily available.

The convener of the publishing committee, Lu Shandong, is very familiar.


Lu Shandong is only quoted as follows:

        (1) The English name Dictionary of Mining, Petroleum and Metallurgical Terms is a comprehensive term for mining, metallurgy and petroleum. It has the effect of a dictionary and explains its meaning separately. This dictionary draws all the nouns of these three types of engineering. It is also related to the basic sciences related to mineralogy, petrology, geology, materials science, physics, chemistry and mathematics, as well as engineering, electrical, civil, chemical and natural gas engineering. The selection of such related nouns is classified according to the closeness of the mining, metallurgy and petroleum.

(2) The arrangement of Chinese and English nouns used in this dictionary is preceded by English nouns and Chinese translations. For example: silver plating silver plating. The arrangement is based on the initials of the English nouns, not according to [mine], [smelting], and [oil].

(3) Chinese nouns are mainly translated, and even if necessary, they are transliterated. And use the translated name of the National Compilation Hall as soon as possible. However, the original translated name has been reviewed and it is considered that it is not suitable for the translation.

(4) The interpretation of each noun in this dictionary is in Chinese. Before the interpretation of the text, it is respectively referred to as [mine], [smelting] or [oil], depending on which of the three projects is more suitable, or closely related to the three projects of mining and smelting. Those who can be used in common with each other, for example, the definition of cost cost is [mine], and the definition of productivity productivity is [oil]. If it is applicable to mines and oils, it depends on the reference materials of the project. set.

(5) The arrangement of Chinese nouns and the methods for expressing their generics are as follows:

            (1) If an English noun has only one Chinese translation and only one person, then the Chinese noun is not preceded by a genus such as [mine], [smelting] or [oil], but only in front of its interpretation. do not. For example: slope mine slant pit mine [mine] uses inclined pit as a kind of mine for main access road and transportation lane.


        After the publication of the Dictionary of Mining and Metallurgy in the 65th year of the Republic of China, due to its rich content and well-organized system, there are three engineering terminology of mining, metallurgy and petroleum, and it is related to the commonly used basic science and engineering term. After being selected and put together, and explaining their meanings separately, it is practical and practical. Therefore, after the issuance, it has been used by the mining and metallurgy circles and related circles, and the number of first edition books is limited.

In order to meet the needs of all parties in the study of mining and metallurgy technology, the publication of the republication by the Publishing Committee of this Council lasted for one year, and the focus was on the review of the school to make the content more informative. At the time of this reprint, it coincides with the beginning of the implementation of China’s new four-year economic plan. The country is booming and needs more energy and mineral resources. The Chinese must work harder to explore and exploit, research, develop, process and utilize research and development. Therefore, the reprint of the rich "Mineral and Metallurgical Dictionary", adapted to the needs of the time, will promote the mission of the era.

Chairman Yang Yuxi