China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society 107 Years Important Academic Activities Notice Form

Event name Date Location
1. Seminar on development and application technology of steel for hot stamping January 25 Zhonggang Zhongzhengtang
2. Management of metal materials and heat treatment knowledge January 8th to February 6th Kaohsiung, Taipei, Taichung
3. Light metal innovation application competition campus promotion February 1st to May 31st Colleges and universities
4. Steel Metallographic Analytical Technology Seminar March 20 Zhonggang Zhongzhengtang
5. Taiwan Geothermal Resources Lecture March 21 Taipei University of Technology
6. Introduction to geothermal power generation technology March 22 Miaoli
7. Explosive blasting professional training course March 27~29 Kaohsiung Yanchao
8. Discussion on oil and gas exploration in the southwestern Taiwan March 29 China Oil Exploration and Production Division
9. Technical training for safety management personnel in open pit and oil and gas mines March to July China Oil Exploration and Production Division, Taimu Peace Factory
10. Huadong wilderness geological survey April 14-15 Hualien, Taitung
11. Steel Industry Engineering Technology Seminar April 17-19 Xitou Midi Hotel
12. Technical seminar April 26 Exploration Department
13. Explosives management and personnel training April-May 1st Miaoli, Tainan, Pingtung Luodong, Hualien
14. Basic introduction to the application and processing technology of stamping die materials April 23
June 14
Taichung, Kaohsiung
15. Business Explosives Administrator Training Course May 8-22 Ministry of Economic Affairs, Research Staff
16. Stainless steel material properties and welding technology applications May 14-15 Kaohsiung
17. Fine aerosol detection technology application workshop May 15 China Steel Corporation
18. Electromagnetic steel sheet technology seminar May 18 Zhongxing University
19. Seminar on the distribution of fissures in the sulphur pit mining area May 18 Exploration Research Institute, Exploration and Production Division
20. Taiwan Regional Geological Speech May 30 Taipei University of Technology
21. 3D Geological Model and Horizontal Drilling Technology Seminar in Jinshui Mining Area May 30 Exploration Research Institute, Exploration and Production Division
22. Stainless steel material properties and heat treatment May 21-22June 4-5June 25-26 Kaohsiung, Taipei, Taichung
23.  Titanium alloy material properties and welding technology applications May 24thJune 21 Kaohsiung, Taichung
24. Gas storage 窖 new injection gas well completion study June 5th Exploration and Production Division
25. Green Steel External Carbon Reduction Methodology Seminar

June 21

Taiwan University
26. Power Module Cooling Technology Seminar June 26


27. Workshop on welding technology and production practice in the pipe industry June 29

Zhongzhengtang of Sinosteel

28. Aluminum alloy materials, heat treatment defects and improvement measures

June 8

September 7

Kaohsiung, Taichung
29. Aluminum alloy forging design, process defects and improvement measures

June 15

September 14

Kaohsiung, Taichung

30. Aluminum alloy die-casting design, process defects and improvement measures

June 22

September 21

Kaohsiung, Taichung

31. Aluminum alloy gravity casting design, process defects and improvement measures

June 29

September 28

Kaohsiung, Taipei

32. Characteristics and heat treatment of aluminum alloy materials

July 12

July 26

Kaohsiung, Taichung

33. Chad Mining Area Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Seminar

July 13

China Petroleum Exploration and Research Institute

34. 2018 Refractory Application and Technology Seminar July 26

China Steel Corporation

35. Seminar on fastener surface treatment and processing technology July 30

Zhonggang Zhongzhengtang

36. Characteristics of aluminum alloy materials and application of welding technology

July 26

August 23

Kaohsiung, Taichung
37. Metal Innovation Application Competition Preliminary August 10

Metal center

38. High-performance structural steel and ultra-high-strength steel plate (DQ) technology seminar

August 14

Zhonglong Company

39. Seminar on Titanium Alloy Materials and Technology Applications

August 17

Zhonglong Iron and Steel Company

40. Metalworking Simulation Process Technology Seminar

August 30

ITRI ​​South Branch

41. Lining insulation design and application workshop for porous materials

September 13

China Steel Corporation

42. Thermal Cold Rolling Automotive Steel Characteristics Introduction Technical Seminar September 18 Zhonggang Zhongzhengtang
43. Mining seminar

September 21

Exploration Department Taipei Office
44. Taiwan Geological Disaster Speech

September to October

Taipei University of Technology
45. On-the-job training for heads of open pit mines and safety management personnel

September to December

China Oil Exploration and Production Division, Peace Training Class

46. ​​2018 Refractory Lecture

October 25

Kaohsiung Sinosteel

47. Mine Disaster Prevention Training Seminar October Undecided
48.CO2 geological storage pilot site visit (environmental education)



49. Takiyama Gas Field Production Operation Management Seminar October

China Petroleum Exploration and Research Institute

50. Regenerative Combustion Technology Seminar October China Steel Corporation
51. Seminar on steel material selection and precision forging processing technology for hand tools November 14 Zhonglong Iron and Steel Company
52. Metal Innovation Application Competition Finals, Awards Ceremony and Achievement Exhibition


Liantan Hall

53. Technical seminar


Exploration Department

54. Steel Management Seminar

December 4-5

Sun Moon Lake Yunpin Hotel

55. Discussion on Electronic Packaging and Thermal Technology