Mining and Metallurgy

        After the resumption of the reunification of Taiwan on November 12th, the first important event was the preparation of the re-sale of the Mining and Metallurgy Journal. After a year of hard work, the inaugural issue was published in October and April. This journal was originally a quarterly magazine. It should be published four times a year. However, it has never been published four times a year. Sometimes it is used in two issues, sometimes only in the third period, and it cannot be followed. So it was changed to a semi-annual publication, but the situation went from bad to worse, and even one issue was published in one year. Of course, the publication date was not very regular, and then it was reverted to the quarterly, but the first and second issues were combined with the third and fourth issues. Published at the Engineers' Day and the Annual Meeting on June 6th each year. It was only in the 57th year of the Republic of China that the Lu Shandong Support Council (Director Jin Kaiying, Director General Wu Bojun) decided to publish a four-volume annual report to date, which became a veritable quarterly publication.

First, the "Mining and Metallurgy" quarterly, the first volume of the first volume, a total of 106 pages, also known as the "Initiation of the issue", the cover is the blue mark of the mining and metallurgy two characters, is from the mainland period of the quarterly use of the original script, has been used until now. Published in October of the 41st, the venue: No.1, Section 1, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei, editor-in-chief: Liang Shangyu.

(1) Re-issued words written by Zhu Qian, Chairman of the Board of Directors in October of the 41st year.

"This association was founded in the fifteenth year of the Republic of China. At the beginning of the conference, Beiping was established. In the 16th year, a quarterly issue of "Mining and Metallurgy" was issued. Because of the anti-Japanese war, the club moved to the club and once ceased publication. To Chongqing, the re-issue was not successful. All, and the civil strife followed, and told the Chinese. However, the Taiwan branch, spare no effort to promote the conference, deeply regrets the publication of "Mining and Metallurgy"!

When I was old, I went to Taiwan to work for the academic research of the mining and metallurgical project, revitalized the meeting, decided to suspend the club activities, and recruited members to announce the formal resumption.

Now the "Mining and Metallurgy" quarterly magazine, with the joint efforts of colleagues, re-issued again. I am deeply convinced of this length, encourage colleagues' research interests, exchange ideas, learn from each other, and learn a few new technologies to help economic construction. Use a few words to be a behead. "

(2) The current period is “Taiwan Coal Mine Special Number”. The connotation includes: (1) geological outline of coal field, (2) inference of burial quantity, (3) distribution and mining area of ​​coal field, (4) coal production, (5) coal Quality, (6) rail transportation, (7) fixed capital and working capital, (8) distribution, (9) miners, (10) coal industry management and (11) appendix as chart, all with 180,000 words, for Taiwan The coal mine and its operation have been well-reported and provided valuable reference materials for the initial development of Taimu Coal.

(3) From the current issue of "Mining and Metallurgy", it is more detailed to understand the resumption of the meeting. Due to the fact that in the 40th and October of the year, the colleagues in the Taiwan branch, in view of the importance of this association, will be with the council to come to Taiwan and abroad: Zhu Qian, Cheng Zongyang, Ye Xiufeng, Lei Baohua, Liang Shangyu, Chen Lifu, Qin Yu, Hu Boyuan, etc., the joint name of the two internal councils will be resumed in Taiwan. In November of the same year, it was ordered to approve.遂趁The annual meeting of the Chinese Society of Engineers will be held at the Taipei Railway Bureau meeting room at 2 pm on November 12, at the 40th Annual General Meeting (by: the first annual meeting) Member Zhu Qian and other 162 people, with Zhu Qian as the chairman, Wang Changchun records, at that time elected directors, (1) Yang Jinzhang, Lu Haixing, Lu Zongxi as the election committee for the year; (2) Ye Xiufeng, Cheng Zongyang, Shan Zhiwei The next year's election committee. The election was conducted in February of the 41st year, and the first incident was held at the Taipei Resource Committee meeting on March 2nd. The meeting was held as outlined in the first issue of the "Meeting Newsletter". I don’t think so.

This issue of "Mining and Metallurgy" publishes another important document, the "Regulations of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society", which was passed by the Joint Supervisory Committee of the People's Republic of China in accordance with the resolution of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Republic of China on May 11. According to the alleged 40-year annual meeting, there is no record to be found. It must be said that the "Forty Years General Meeting" is the annual meeting. If this calculation is made, the annual meeting of the 75th year should be held in Taiwan. After the thirty-sixth annual meeting.

Second, the "Mining and Metallurgy" quarterly, the first volume of the second and third issue of a total of 124 pages, the blue cover design is the same as the previous period. Published on April 30, forty-two, meeting place: No. 1 Section, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City. Pricing is NT$10 per book, Editor-in-Chief: Liang Shangyu.

(1) The journal is divided into three parts: (1) Mr. Zhang Yufu's memorial to the martyrdom, (2) eight papers of the 41st Annual Conference Papers, and (3) the conference report. From the martyrdom of Mr. Zhang Yufu, there are also seven people who were accompanied by Niu Junzhang, Zhang Lide, Xu Yuji, Liu Yuanchun, Cheng Jiatian, Shu Shiqing and Zhuang Gongmou, and learned from the editors that there are many important miners. For example, Mr. Yue Yueshan, the power plant of the Datong Jinbei Mining Bureau, Yu Zailin, the director of the Coking Plant of Beipiao Coal Mine Company, and Mr. Bei Qiuheng, the engineer of the Yangjiazhangzi Molybdenum Mine in Jinxian County, all of them are loyal and patriotic, and they are the CCP. The killings, these are the past events that have lasted for more than 40 years in the 34th and 37th years of the Republic of China. Today, they are especially dedicated to the reverence and mourning of the people, and the confidence and determination to support the national policy to recover the mainland.

Third, the "Mining and Metallurgy" quarterly, the first volume of the fourth issue, a total of 78 pages, the blue cover is the same as the previous period. Published in April, forty-three, meeting place: No. 1 Section, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City, Editor-in-Chief: Cheng Zongyang.

The "Taiwan Gold, Silver and Copper Mine" article is reported as a valuable material for the early gold, silver and copper mines in Taiwan Province. Eight of the forty-two annual conference papers are all masterpieces of research and development of new technologies for mining and metallurgy.

Fourth, the semi-annual issue of "Mining and Metallurgy", the first volume of the second volume, a total of 162 pages, published in October of the forty-fourth, the cover is changed to the "continental full-scale map", the picture is slanted with the words "Don't forget the mainland", cover It is jujube red. Venue: No. 1734, Zhongzheng Road, Taipei City, priced at NT$10 per book. Editor-in-Chief: Ye Xiufeng.

(1) "Headmanship" said: "...Tongren and others insisted on the original intention, and the fourth issue of the quarterly issue of Taiwan has been published for the mainland. However, due to the difficulties of financial manpower, the quarterly publication has not been published. The resolution of the Board of Supervisors was changed to a semi-annual issue. This issue is the fifth issue of the issue of the issue of the Taiwan issue, and the first issue of the semi-annual issue."

(2) The content of this issue is very rich. There are 4 editions of "Thesis", 4 "Research" and 4 "Translation". One of them said that "how to eradicate the morbidity in the production and marketing of Taiwanese coal" was written by Deng Changhao. After discussing the source of the disease, Deng's proposed prescriptions: (1) modern mining tools, (2) increased coal mining shifts, (3) additional processing equipment for filming machinery, and (4) transformation of the traditional habits of the industry. If today's view of the production process of Taiwan's coal is more than 30 years old, Deng's arguments are all necessary, but it is regrettable that the "Taiwanese coal mines" have not been implemented so far. Deng further discussed how to implement this prescription. He suggested using one or two "standard coal mines" of the US aid office as a model for the imitation of his mine. He was awarded the head of the US aid Taipei Security Branch, RY Grant. Appreciation, but at that time (Nine Years of the Republic of China) HW Montz, the technical host of the company's coal mine, was busy working on the first project to establish a washing machine, and the standard coal mine was extended to the second project, but Montessori was old. It is a pity that you are in poor health and return to the United States to rest. This is a delay.

(3) At this time, the Association has actively carried out service work: (1) researching the lighter flint manufacturing project on behalf of Indonesian overseas Chinese Deng Facong; (2) surveying Kaohsiung limestone on behalf of Jiaxing Cement Company - this meeting will invite Gong Yuru and Rong Wenya to survey; 3) Debaohua Enterprise Company will check the sub-test dry sand gold mine - this association will invite members of Luo Yiren to check.

(4) The Taiwan Bank Economic Research Office entrusted the editor of the book "Underground Resources of Taiwan" to be divided into two volumes: the "Taiwanese Coal Mine" - about 32 million words, more than 110 frames. Co-edited by Cheng Zongyang and Lu Shandong, it is the "Third Eight Kinds of Taiwan Studies Series". It was published in November of the 45th year of the Republic of China. At the beginning of the forty-sixth year, it paid about 22,000 yuan. Forty-six years and forty-seven years, Cheng Zongyang was elected chairman of the board of directors, and Jiang Jingyi was the director-general. So Cheng and Lu Ping were divided into two thousand yuan, and the 20,000 yuan was donated to the society as a fund. Qian Qian (formerly the government simplified the organization, merged the capital committee into the Ministry of Economic Affairs as the state-owned business department, Zhu Qian resigned, founded Jiaxing Cement Company as the chairman; Cheng Zongyang resigned and served as the head of the technical advisory group of the Taiwan Carboniferous Adjustment Committee. The director of the Nanzhuang Coalfield Exploration Department.) The loan is paid to a certain mill for a monthly fee as a recurrent fee. Less than two years, the mill has closed down, and this section also has a soup. The next volume is "Taiwan Metal and Non-Metallic Minerals", which is written by more than ten people, such as Gong Yuru and Zhang Xiling. (This book is published, it should be checked with the Bank of China Economic Research Office).

  1. V. The second issue of the second volume of the "Mining and Metallurgy" semi-annual publication, a total of 174 pages published in July of the forty-five years, the cover still uses the full map of the mainland, as in the early period. The cover is changed to golden yellow. Venue: 1734 Zhongzheng Road, Taipei City. Pricing is NT$30 per book, Editor-in-Chief: Ye Xiufeng.

(1) The "fourty-four-year annual meeting and all members' photos" (held at the Grand Hall of the Nanchang Street Liquor and Public Sales Bureau in Taipei on October 4, 2014) is precious. In this issue, there are 4 "Thesis", 6 "Research", 4 "Translation" (with Lu Shandong: "Hong Kong Geological Minerals and Mining"), "Investigation" 3, etc., and the first is Zhu Qian. The publication of "The New Section of Mining and Metallurgy Project of Tomorrow" is very forward-looking and interesting. It has been a 30-year deduction, and some of them have become facts. They are presented in front of us. Today, readers may wish to read if they are interested. Desperate: (1) Rare earth metals are the key to scientific and engineering progress, (2) running on the Precambrian ground, (3) frozen hard steel method, (4) new method for inferior mineral production, (5) going to the ocean Exploration, (6) atomic energy and chain gold and perpetual calendar.

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In addition, there are 4 "Annual Paper Abstracts": (1) Ding Chengwei: "Study on the manufacture of sponge iron from Taiwan's iron sulphide", (2) Feng Yichun: "The sulphur pit water rushing phase II oil production test", (3) Ding Chen Wei: "Application of Sponge Iron", (4) Lu Shandong: "Impact of the Development of Atomic Energy for Mining Industry" (This article was selected in the "Father's Industrial Planning Research Association" in the 45th year of the Republic of China. The first episode, a total of six selected papers: First, China's construction of the machinery industry should be adopted: Qian Changyi; Second, the development of China's textile industry research: Zhao Xingyi; Third, how to achieve the national father's industrial plan in the shipbuilding plan: Xing Qiwei; Fourth, the impact of the development of atomic energy on the mining industry: Lu Shandong; five, the criticism of the report "To cure the Yellow River water damage and develop the Yellow River water conservancy comprehensive plan": Song Xishang; Sixth, the research industry plan from the first plan of understanding and the northern port The first episode of Ye Xiufeng was prefaced by Mo Heng*, and the Central Cultural Relics Supply Society was published in October of the Republic of China.

  1. 6. The first issue of the third volume of the "Mining and Metallurgy" semi-annual publication, 132 pages, published on the next day of June, 46. The venue: No. 161, Dali Street, Taipei City (this site is the Coal Mine Exploration Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Cheng Zongyang Director), pricing NT$20 per book, Editor-in-Chief: Ye Xiufeng.

(1) In this issue, the black and white photo of "Taiwan Aluminum Company's new rolling mill factory" is placed in the center of the cover. The upper amount is red, and the black "mineral metallurgy" is used. The two characters are divided into two parts. The aluminum factory is one-half of the photo; the lower amount is about 10 cm and red. In summary, it is very glorious for people to see, and it is also the cover for the cover of the magazine. The content includes 3 articles on "Thesis", 4 articles on "Research" and 9 articles on "Reports on Mining and Metallurgy in Taiwan and Foreign Countries".

(2) The appendix has the "Ministry Law Symposium Record" (October 46, 46, in the meeting room of CNPC) to discuss the draft amendment to the Mining Law drafted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, chaired by Zhu Lishiqian, Li Shi Chang Ming and the report, the predecessors of the mines were enthusiastic and stubbornly controversial. Finally, the Chairman concluded that the content of the Mining Law is complicated and due to time constraints, it has not been discussed in detail. I would like to send a written report to this Council for reference.

(3) Establishing the "Graduation Student Bonus" method for the Mining and Metallurgy Department, which is tentatively assigned to two people each year, and is assigned to one of the Taipei University and one of the Taipei Institute of Technology, and each time a bonus of NT$1,000. In the biennial period of the Republic of China, the mining group will be given to the metallurgical group in a single year. The graduates with the best test scores, pure thoughts, good conduct and good physical fitness will be nominated by the school and will be approved by the school at the annual meeting of the annual meeting. Give it.

Seventh, "Mining and Metallurgy" semi-annual issue, the third volume of the second issue, a total of 152 pages, published on July 25, 47, meeting place: No. 161, Dali Street, Taipei, the price of NT$20, Editor-in-Chief: Ye Xiufeng.

(1) In the current period, the "China Petroleum Corporation Kaohsiung Refinery" is covered with 4 articles, 5 researches, 5 translations, 3 investigations, etc.

(2) The main notes are the 46th Annual Meeting Minutes (held at the Taipei City Tobacco and Alcohol Marketing Bureau Audit Hall on November 12, 46). One of the characteristics of this year's annual meeting is the implementation of the 45th Annual Meeting. The proposal "This Council will award the graduates of the Mining and Metallurgy Department for 46 years" will be awarded to Cheng Da Song Xianrui and Taipei Engineering College Wu Yuqing. There are photos of the event, which is very monumental. On the 11th day before the meeting, Governor Cheng Zong Yang presided over the "Taiwan Coal Resources Development Issues" Symposium, which was held at the Auditorium of the Taiwan University Law School. The main topics were: (1) Taiwan's coal industry since its recovery Historical view, (2) Taiwan's coal mine production targets and human and financial resources, (3) new areas of Taiwan's coal mine development, (4) Taiwan's coal mine development methods, (5) Taiwan's coal mine development preliminary implementation plan, (6) future Taiwan Prospects for coal (original "Taiwan Engineering").

(3) The first joint meeting of the Supervisory Board of the 47th year elected the accountant: "Accounting is still part of Lu Shandong."

(4) The third joint meeting of the Supervisory Board of Supervisors (May 14th, 47) recorded: "Lu's accountant resigned (according to the decision to leave the country in July) and changed to hire Mr. Fang Kezhen.

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Eighth, the first issue of the fourth volume of the "Mining and Metallurgy" semi-annual publication, a total of 84 pages, published on August 25, 48, pricing NT$20 per book, editor-in-chief: Ye Xiufeng.

        (1) The top and bottom of the cover of this issue are all blue and black, and the "China Coal Mine Development Company Hsinchu Coal Mine Wright's Washing Machine" with a set of pink shows a new view. The catalogue contains four pages of photos of the 47th annual meeting, with a total of 14 maps. It is the first period of the most photographed beginnings. I will pick up the drawings as follows: On November 13, the Republic of China will participate in the joint annual meeting in Zhongshan Hall, Taipei. The 47th Annual Meeting of the Association was held on November 14th at the Auditorium of the Taipei Public Group Activity Center. Chairman of the Board of Directors delivered an opening speech, pointing out three points: (1) An academic group must rely on the cooperation of relevant social institutions, (2) mining and metallurgy technology and progress need to have an experimental institution, and (3) Work hard for peace. According to the environmental statement at the time, the argument was very brilliant.

(2) Cheng Zongyang suggested using the US aid funds to establish the "Coal Mining Research and Service University", which should be said to be the initial prototype of the "Mining Research Service Group" established in the future.

(3) In the annual meeting, the "Taiwan Province Mine Security Management Review Review" was held for thematic discussion, and the five points of the provisions to be amended or adjusted were submitted to the relevant authorities for reference.

In the meeting, the graduates of the Mining and Metallurgy Department were awarded the credit to Chengda Chen Yu and the Taipei Engineering College Yang Zhenduo.

Nine, the fourth issue of the fourth edition of the "Mining and Metallurgy" semi-annual publication, a total of 102 pages, published on August 1, forty-nine, the price of NT$20 per book, editor-in-chief: Ye Xiufeng.

(1) The cover of the current issue is dark blue, and the "Taiwan Provincial Trans-Canada Highway Route and Resource Distribution Map" with a light apricot color is very distinctive.

(II) Main contents: (1) Two articles, the most prominent of which is Zhu Qian, “From the mineral economy to the mineral policy”. (2) Study 6 articles, the first article by Lu Shandong, “UNDER-SEA COAL MINING” (Editor's Note: Lushi published this article in March 1959 at The Pennsylvania State University) As the Taiwanese coal mine has now entered the development stage of deep coal fields and seabed coal fields, the special authors published their manuscripts in this journal). (3) Reported 4 articles, no event activity records, only the appendix has forty-nine years of supervisors' resumes, and there are no special committees to organize the table. There are no other historical sites to be found.