■Winners - Taiwan Bao Lai Co., Ltd.

  1. I. Strategic objectives

The powder metallurgy industry has been silently playing the role of small industrial screws for the past four decades. For the Walkman, mobile phone vibration motor, a tiny oil bearing part (minimum weight: 0.3 grams) to the engine parts of the car ( The maximum weight is up to 3 kg), all-encompassing and omnipresent. These powder metallurgy products have become a part of human life and bring great convenience to human life. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the general public's demands for life promotion and the emphasis on the earth's resources have prompted all industries to rack their brains and do their best to meet everyone's expectations. "Green Energy Technology" is a new term in this decade, but it can be said that it is really rare to effectively achieve the maximum economic benefits at the lowest cost. The rise of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) is a 21st century when people are worried about the aftermath of nuclear power and the inability of traditional power generation modes to meet their needs. Due to its high temperature resistance, waste heat can be recycled and reused. Moreover, it is the most economical power generation mode (efficiency >60%), and it can be distributed, flexible, efficient, reliable, affordable, scalable and clean. The new darling of the energy revolution is accelerating into our life circle. Taiwan's Baolai feels the need of the times. Since 2006, after three years of research and development, the production of "Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Connection Plate" has been in production since 2010. It is close to 10 million months and its performance is the world's leading.

Second, the core value

"Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Connection Plate" is applied to power generation module system equipment. Its production technology is a milestone in the history of powder metallurgy. It proves that powder metallurgy products are the makeup artist of human life and an art. Products, and as a counterfeit, carefully carved. Taiwan’s Paula has come all the way, and all of its responsibilities at all stages are entirely attributed to its corporate culture. The mission is “The company should be based on sincerity and technology, and all employees should have this self-esteem. "Glory" and let technology lead life is the core value of Taiwan's Baode enterprise.

Third, the specific results

  1. 1. Technical specific effects The powder metallurgy industry has long been misunderstood as a traditional industry, and its products are often regarded as general metal mechanical parts. However, people have to re-examine the role of this industry in the technological age just after the product has brought high-efficiency miracles to customers. The “work” that can be produced with reasonable material costs and skillful technology relies entirely on a group of people who have a firm belief and persistence in the powder metallurgy industry. Since the establishment of the Research and Development Department in 1989, Taiwan's Baolai has been committed to research and innovation of new materials and new products, and has introduced mass production, regardless of cost and manpower. These achievements can be understood from the above-mentioned masterpieces of Taiwan's Baolai products. The cooperation between production and technical teams is the power to maintain the life of the enterprise and the source of innovation. In the current market's brightest product, the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) connection board, it is a unique technology developed through the constant discussion with customers of the technical innovation team of Polaroid in Taiwan. This is a 100% innovation in technology and products in the powder metallurgy industry. It has escaped the traditional process framework. In terms of contribution to the company, the output value in the short year is 7% of the total revenue. It has grown to include more than 15% of revenue. Looking into the future, there is more unpredictable room for growth. At the same time, the crystallization of this technology directly indirectly makes Taiwan Baolai become a member of the green energy industry. Taiwan’s Paula also filed a patent application for this innovative technology to Taiwan and the United States. Taiwan has obtained patents and the United States has entered the substantive examination stage.
  1. 2. Product/system innovation specific results The solid oxide connecting plates are mainly divided into two types: “metal connecting plates” and “ceramic connecting plates”. The ceramic connecting plates are electrolyte matching for the same ceramic oxides. Conductive heat conduction, etc.) is high, but because of its high brittleness, it is easy to cause damage during assembly; while the metal connecting plate cannot be the same as the ceramic connecting plate, it can be adjusted to the physical properties by adjusting the ratio of different metals. The product of the connecting board is close in nature. Taiwan's Baolai Company produces "metal-based connecting plates with "chromium-based alloy metal", which can achieve the advantages of ceramic connecting plates and avoid its disadvantages. In addition to meeting the customer's required specifications, the fuel cell (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, SOFC) produced by Polaroid Taiwan has significantly improved the yield after assembly compared to other production methods by more than 90%. The efficiency has also exceeded 60%. Therefore, in terms of product price and performance advantages, customers turn a large number of orders and require that the products can be assembled and sold as quickly as possible and in larger quantities. In terms of the final use of customers, because of the reasonable price and the improvement of performance, it is deeply loved and adopted by large American companies, and the technologies of production and quality control are deeply embedded and continuously improved within the company. Relevant fuel cell development and production quantification technology will provide valuable advice and assistance.
  1. 3. Process innovation specific effects Several conditions that are most needed for the connecting plates in fuel cells (solid oxide fuel cells, SOFC), in addition to electrical conductivity, are also physical isolation plates between the cells, separating the gas between the anode and the cathode. They flow to each other, so the airtightness requirement on the material is quite high. If it is done by traditional machining methods, although it can be kept airtight, there is no way to use mass production. Therefore, It needs to be commercialized and can be mass-produced, which can only be achieved by powder metallurgy process. In addition to researching raw materials with the raw material suppliers to find the most suitable chromium-based alloy powder, foreign powder metallurgy manufacturers use "two-pressure two-burning" (two pressures: one-shot extrusion, one-time processing and shaping) Pressing; two burning: low temperature and high temperature sintering each time) mode production, Taiwan Paula has successfully researched and developed the "one pressure one burning" (primary forming extrusion, one high temperature sintering) production method, in order to achieve easier use The production process and lower cost to produce the product, and the CNC hydraulic control molding machine used can achieve the quality control requirements of the flatness and parallelism of the product in one molding extrusion. Furthermore, in the process of powder metallurgy, there is no waste of waste material, and the pressure-and-burn method developed can save the energy and time cost of the equipment in the production process, and thus can produce a large amount of stable quality. Uniform products, with this energy-saving and carbon-reducing production, provide customers with lower price and high quality competitive advantages.
  1. 4. Organizing the specific results of the business The fuel cell connecting plate produced by Taiwan Baolai is manufactured according to professional powder metallurgy technology, but for the raw materials, functions, mold design and production of the products produced, and even the control conditions and specifications in the project, Both of them have great differences with the powder metallurgy products currently produced. Therefore, an independent business department was set up, and some engineers of the original technology development department adopted an independent project to assist in the production design and analysis of the fuel cell connection plate. . In addition to the newly added business departments and the dedicated technical development engineers, they also recruit a large number of people to provide employment opportunities, and provide training and guidance for all new professional employees, and use some of the original personnel to pass on the original powder of the company. Metallurgical technology, combined with the development of new technologies and processes. In addition, in the process control, the computerized quality management system and the SPC process control implemented by the electronics industry are also introduced, which can monitor the quality status, respond to the production quality in real time, improve the yield, and assist the engineer in analyzing and improving the process in order to achieve the process. More refined and more stable quality. In addition, Taiwan’s Paula is also actively recruiting talent training talents from universities, such as the University-connected universities (University University, Successful University, Kaohsiung University) for industry-university cooperation to enable students to apply and establish a Paula Scholarship. Encourage students who are interested in the powder metallurgy industry to seek knowledge. At the same time, they also send various units to the universities to give lectures or practical courses, improve the visibility of the powder metallurgy industry, and achieve the deep roots of rooting. The company has recruited many outstanding masters. Due to the expected market demand, Taiwan Baolai has early assembled the head office and subsidiary technical team members for seed training to meet the demand for capacity expansion at any time. This is an epoch-making and cross-regional team organization. For senior engineers, the theory of powder metallurgy production technology can be applied to a wider and deeper level. For new members, they can prove that they are cherishing the earth resources. We can do our best to create greater management performance and value contribution for the company.
  1. 5. Marketing innovation The "innovation" has always come from "demand". Taiwan has to grasp the sensitivity of the target market, based on the security needs of today's society and the people who are eager to use electricity, supplemented by the superiority and production of raw materials. The improvement and improvement of technology and the high quality of stability have made the company's fuel cell connection board products popular with customers and have been selected. Many large enterprises in the United States have already adopted them, such as: Walmart, Coca- Cola, FedEx, eBay, Safeway, Cypress, BD, Staples, Adobe, Google, Bank of America, Sim Center, cox, Sutter Home, NTT, Cypress Perform, Fireman's Fund, Sharks Ice, Ratkovich, Caltech, Kaiser Permanente, JMB Realty Corporations, universities, and state governments such as the City Hall in New York are expected to be introduced into this power generation facility by the end of the year. This kind of unique and independent production technology combines generator equipment not only in Europe and the United States, but also the nuclear energy leakage caused by the 311 earthquake in Kanto, Japan in 2011. Unparalleled interest and acceptance, many companies and households in Japan have been using SOFC fuel cells to generate electricity. Recently, in addition to the existing fuel cell connection board customers in the United States, Taiwan Baolai has also attracted customers from Europe, mainland China and China to jointly develop another form of fuel cell connection board. These valuable experiences, in the future, can further assist and support the production technology of the domestically developed fuel cell customers on the connection board.

Fourth, contribute to the promotion of new social energy options

Under the call and promotion of the general manager of Zhu Lailong, Taiwan, the Taiwan SOFC Fuel Cell Alliance was established in 2013, and seven production, official, academic, and research conferences were held, and the active participation of foreign system manufacturers has been Successfully promoted the US company BE to meet with Sinosteel and TSMC, and the Taoyuan City of Taiwan called on the US BE company, the Energy Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Taiwanese company to visit the SOFC power generation in Delaware, so that the situation of power shortage in Taiwan The Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has considered setting up a 200MW SOFC power generation system in Taichung Thermal Power Plant, which can increase the capacity of the base load by 0.5%. In terms of manufacturing, it will greatly help Taiwan's production in the next 4-5 years. And multiply growth. In addition, in the development of domestic industry, it also actively promotes the investment of Taoyuan City Aviation City Company and US BE Company in Taiwan. This will bring unlimited possibilities for Taiwan to develop into SOFC fuel cell industry. At present, Taiwan With more than 50% of the component supply capacity, Taiwan has the opportunity to become the world's largest system manufacturing base.

■ Zhang Ming praises:

Taiwan Baolai Co., Ltd. is a member of the Association Group. It was established in the Republic of China in 57 years and is the largest powder metallurgical manufacturing plant in China. Since 1995, the company has successfully developed a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) connecting plate "one pressure and one burning" process for three years. It is a global leader, and its innovative technology has obtained patents in China, and it has been mass-produced since 1989. It is close to 10 million pieces. The Association established the Taiwan SOFC Alliance Promotion Committee in the Republic of China in 102 years. Under the auspices of the chairman of the company, Mr. Qiu Long, the general manager of Baolai Company, successfully promoted the exchange of visits between the US fuel cell manufacturer Bloomenergy (BE) and domestic production officials; It also actively promoted the United States BE company and the Taoyuan City Government Aviation City Company to discuss the investment cooperation in Taiwan. With the company's leadership in the powder metallurgy industry and the ability of Taiwanese manufacturers to supply more than 50% of its components, the future will have the opportunity to make Taiwan the world's most important manufacturing base for the SOFC fuel cell industry. To sum up, Taiwan's Baoled company's forward-looking innovation process technology is leading the way, promoting the economic development of the national energy industry, and contributing outstandingly. It is specially awarded the "Technical Medal" of the highest honor of the Republic of China in 105 years.