104 001

The 104th annual meeting of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society began on October 22nd and ended successfully on October 24.

The current (104) annual meeting invites the president of the National Kaohsiung University School of Engineering to serve as the chairman of the preparatory committee. The president of Kaohsiung University is the honorary chairman, Zhu Mingzhao, Wang Xiqin, Liu Jigang, Zhuang Baodiao, Xie Yongtang, Lin Zaiqian, Wang Xifu, Liao Xiaolong and Hu Xingtai. Deputy Director, Su Jincheng as Executive Secretary, Yang Shengwei, Lu Nanxiong, Li Wenchuan as Deputy Executive Secretary; divided into four groups, General Affairs Group Convener: Chen Wenzheng, Finance Group Convener: Liu Jigang, Special Group Convener: He Wenfu, Award Convener: Yu Bingsheng, convener of the registration group: Lin Zaiqian.

The Preparatory Committee held four meetings. The meeting decided to hold a symposium on October 22nd, an annual meeting of the morning meeting on October 23, an afternoon paper presentation meeting and an evening banquet; and a factory tour on October 24. All of them were completed as scheduled, and the summary of the activities is as follows:

104 002

1.Annual meeting

The 104th Annual Meeting was held on the morning of October 23rd (Friday) in the lecture hall of the Kaohsiung University School of Management. It was a day of high spirits and beautiful, and the members of the meeting met in the hall. Fall, bloom a happy smile, the atmosphere is warm and peaceful!

At the entrance of the conference, all the high-rise flowers and blues were presented, which were bright and fragrant.

The newspapers are orderly, the school has a student goodwill ambassador service, the women wear cheongsam, and the gracefulness; the male wears a suit, handsome and handsome, he (she) smiles, guides the VIP signature, peony, receives the meeting materials, leads the admission and hand The medal work, cordial and enthusiasm, won numerous praises.

Members register to register, receive the meeting information, the beautiful and practical vacuum cup group souvenir, and enter the venue at 10 o'clock in time to open on time. Before the opening, a group of Down's babies led by Zhou Zhenli, the chairman of the Kaohsiung City Tangxin Service Association, performed welcoming dances and Taiko drums. The movements were neat and lively and lovely. This was the first time of the annual meeting of the Society, which made us realize that "seeing the value of life and coming out differently." The life is completed; the performance is like a thunderous applause, and the director Wu gives a gift and a red envelope. The Tangxin Association gives back a thank-you note, and the scene is warm and touching!

■Chairman's speech

104 003

The opening speech was given by Chairman Wu. He said: The annual meeting of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy was held in the lecture hall of the Kaohsiung University School of Management three years ago (101 years ago). Today, I am returning to the original place and feel very cordial. The China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society is an academic society with a long history. It was founded in the 15th year of the Republic of China. It has been more than 90 years since its inception. In the 40th year of the Republic of China, it has been reunited in Taiwan. After 26 leadership and reforms, it actively developed its business and expanded its academic Activities, purchase Jinan Road Club, publish the "Mineral and Metallurgical Dictionary" (the compilation of mining and metallurgy nouns); issue the "Mine and Metallurgy" journals and magazines that won the Golden Ding Award, and prepare for the 60th, 70th, and 80th anniversary of the Diamond Memorial Conference; 65 years and 100 years of the Republic of China In the year, a large-scale exhibition of "Minerals and Metallurgy Exhibition" and "Minerals and Life" was held. It was highly praised by all walks of life. The Ministry of the Interior awarded the Excellence Award for the fourth consecutive year. The conference continued to flourish.

Our group members and individual members have contributed to the national economy and won numerous awards.

Finally, I would like to thank the organizer of the annual meeting, Dean of Wang Zongwei of Kaohsiung University, and lead the teachers and students of the School of Engineering to organize the hard work of the annual meeting, and wish the annual meeting of the annual meeting a complete success!

Following the speeches of Mr. Yu Guanghua, Mr. Zhu Qiulong and the President of Kaohsiung University, Mr. Huang Yurui, on behalf of the distinguished guests, Yu and Zhu were both advanced in the mining and metallurgy industry. They were appointed as the chairman of the board of directors in the Republic of China in 1991-92 and 99-102 respectively. The Association promoted various conferences and achieved outstanding results. President Huang Ruirui’s academic status is lofty and his performance is outstanding.

104 004

■VIP speech

Former Chairman of the Board: Yu Guanghua: Recalling that more than 50 years ago, Taiwan had machinery sold to Southeast Asian countries. Its appearance and performance were not lost to Japanese goods. It was good and cheap; but after using it for a period of time, after the failure, it was followed by successive failures. The repair can't be repaired, so the machine can only be sold once, and the problem lies in material engineering. After years of hard work, the materials supplied by Sinosteel and refined materials have made great progress, and we hope to be able to take it to the next level. With the development and revitalization of good materials, including machinery, electronics, and chemicals, we can make Taiwan Based on the world.

Former chairman of Zhu Qiulong: After the resignation of the chairman of the previous year, he was busy because of his official duties. Although he wanted to participate in various activities of the institute, he was unable to do so because of his busy schedule. Last year’s annual meeting coincided with going abroad and it was not coming. The company has established the "Paul Laid Powder Metallurgy Lecture Hall" at Chengda University and Kaohsiung University to provide students from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of the University of Success and the Department of Chemistry of the Kaohsiung University. In addition to the theory, there are actual works that can be confirmed; The courses of cooperation between the two parties are taught by Baode Company's selected high-level engineers and high-level engineers from foreign countries or foreign factories. The combination of theoretical and practical top powder metallurgy courses opens up students' different learning orientations. Excellent graduates are near the water. Can also serve the company's corporate network. This week, the seventh class of Kaohsiung University was arranged yesterday, and today I was able to attend the annual meeting of the Institute.

The Institute of Mining and Metallurgy has been celebrating the 90th anniversary of next year and has been in Taiwan for 60 years. How to innovate and update again requires us to think together. Learning to contribute to the country has been indispensable. Individuals have been in the society for more than 30 years and 41 years in the powder metallurgy workplace. As the former chairman said, Taiwan's materials industry needs to be upgraded. Many of our company's equipment are imported from Europe, America, Germany, etc. Why not use Taiwanese machines? Grinding machines and shaft materials are not available. There are factories in foreign countries that can heat the rods of 10 meters or more. How to upgrade the industry in Taiwan? Whenever we all buy Taiwanese equipment, it means Taiwan’s industrial upgrading.

Taiwan’s economic environment is grim, what should we do? The five shortages in Taiwan require the operators themselves to be self-reliant and self-reliant. The government will not be able to help, and the mining and metallurgy will work hard together. I wish the conference a success, good health and good luck.

104 005

Dr. Huang Yurui, President of Kaohsiung University: Thank you for coming to the 11th Annual Meeting of the University. As Mr. Zhu said, the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society has a long history and contributed a lot to the national economic development. I will explain the development of the mining industry with the successful university mining and metallurgy department: mining and metallurgy is the foundation of industrial development, mining is upstream, metallurgy is downstream, mining and metallurgy is transformed into resource engineering; metallurgy, refining, alloying, ceramics, carbonization, softening, Vulcanization, semiconductor materials, photovoltaic materials, nano materials; physical metallurgy, chemical refining, to make unexpected results, so the chemical engineering department has also come in. To make a slap, nanotechnology has also come in and become a material system. Mining and metallurgy has cultivated a very large number of talents in the past and now. In the industrial and academic circles, we have to pay a total of 120,000 points to the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, which has a long history and contribution. Thanks to the successive Presidents and the Secretary-General, for the nostalgia for Lu Lao, for the hard work of the President Wang and other officials of the annual meeting, and the Vice-Chancellor of Sun Yat-Sen University, who gave a speech at the conference today, thank you!

Due to time constraints, Chairman Wu did not ask the distinguished guests to give a speech, still sing the name, please the audience applauded to pay tribute and welcome!


●Technical Medal:

104 006

The 104-year technical medal was awarded to the Institute of Green Energy and Environment of the Industrial Technology Research Institute to encourage the government to formulate policies for promoting energy and environmental protection, implement technology research and development in the industry, and play a technical policy to enhance the development of domestic industries and increase national energy and environment. Competitiveness and contribution to the country's overall economic excellence.

Zhang Ming praises:

The Institute of Green Energy and Environment of the Institute of Industrial Technology, the Group's member company, adheres to the tasks of scientific research and development, driving industrial development, creating economic value and enhancing social welfare, and is committed to clean energy and sustainable environmental technology development; Development and patent layout have developed three world-class technical applications; R&D products have won many invention awards at home and abroad; especially for high-speed charge and discharge ion battery technology, dye-sensitized solar cell technology industry value-added, calcium circuit capture CO2 technology , explosion-proof electrical testing services, etc., in the field of resources and materials utilization and mining research, has made great achievements.

104 007

It assists the government in formulating and promoting energy and environmental policies, 11 and implements technology research and development in the industry, and exerts technological achievements to enhance the development of domestic industrial technology, enhance the competitiveness of the national energy and environmental industry, and contribute to the overall economic development of the country. The award of the "Technical Medal", the highest honor of the Republic of China in 104 years, is motivated.

The technical medal was personally received by the director of the institute, Hu Yaozu, and a thank-you message said:

Thanks to the Society for giving this honor to the Green Energy Institute, the Institute of Green Energy and Environment of the Industrial Technology Research Institute seems to have nothing to do with mining and metallurgy. The Industrial Research Institute is 43 years old this year. The Green Energy Institute is about 60 years old this year. When the early government units came, One is the Energy Research Institute, and the other is the Mining Research Institute. After the merger, it was called the Energy Mine Institute. After being merged into the Industrial Research Institute, it changed several names. So far, the earliest Taiwanese mining people have three remaining in the house. Therefore, there is a great correlation between green energy and mining and metallurgy, such as CO2 capture, geological storage, and geothermal heat. Once again, I would like to thank the Green Energy Institute for this honor. I wish the conference a complete success and wish everyone good health.

 ●Lu Shandong Scholarship:

The scholarship was in the Republic of China in 1999 by Mr. Lu Shandong, the son of Mr. Lu Zhiyuan, the chairman of Xinyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Dr. Lu Chaoqun, the Ph.D. and Chairman of the company, was appointed by the Institute. Three scholarships are awarded each year, and each of the graduate students of the National Cheng Kung University Resource Engineering Research Institute, the National Taipei University of Science and Technology Materials and Resources Research Institute, and the National Transportation University Materials Engineering Institute is awarded a scholarship of NT$10,000 each.

This year's winners are assessed by the jury members of the awards. The list is as follows:

  1. 1. Wu Zhengyue: PhD student at the National Institute of Resource Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
  1. 2. Lu Yushan: Master of Science, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, Taipei University of Science and Technology
  1. 3. Zeng Zhihan: Ph.D. student, Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, National Chiao Tung University

Because the Lu family did not come to the conference to personally award the award, the committee was appointed by the chairman of the Council.

104 008

●102 years "Thesis Award":

The 103-year paper award, the winners are:

◎Special award 1 person:

Author: Li Yucheng, Yang Jincheng, Caili Wen, Yu Ming Tu

Paper: Application and breakthrough of converter slag upgrading technology in Sinosteel

He was awarded a prize of 30,000 yuan for the paper and a certificate for each person.

◎3 awards:

  1. 1. Author: Lin Yan Qian, Suyan Hao, Zhou Wenxian, Wang Qirong

Paper: The Influence of Phosphorus Content of SUJ2 Bearing Steel on Segregation of Casting Embryos and Its Control Technology Development

  1. 2. Author: Liang sacred music, GUO million Zhang Gu Ling

Paper: Development and improvement of hot forging and quenching and tempering bar steel

  1. 3. Author: Lin Yi-chun, Lin Yuxuan, Cheuk Chun Hu, Jiang Zhaoming

Paper: Application of polyester nanocomposites made by polymerization in functional textiles

Each of the above award-winning papers has a prize of 20,000 yuan each, and each person has a certificate.

◎Excellent work awards 5:

  1. 1. Author: Association Qiu Dong, Chen Songchun, Xushu Kun, Cai Qinghui, Xuan Wang Yong, Liu Jiaxuan

Paper: Probable surface gas hydrate potential of Yongan and Haojing Ridge in southwestern Taiwan

  1. 2. Name: Zou Ying

Paper: Development and application of air knife analysis technology for galvanizing line

  1. 3. Author: Luo Shengzong, tour the town Feng, Tu Yao-jen, Weng Ziwei

Paper: Adsorption of Rare Earth Elements by Ferromagnetic Magnets

  1. 4. Author: Hong Wenbin, Chendeng Ming

Paper: Using sulfur oxide phosphor as a lower transfer and anti-reflection layer to improve the conversion efficiency of germanium solar cells

  1. 5. Author: Luco wonderful, Liu Shixian, Xiaojia Xian

Paper: Evaluation of the efficiency of carbothermal reduction reaction of raw coal/iron ore composite pellets

Each of the above award-winning papers has a prize of 10,000 yuan each, and each person has a certificate.

The above winners were awarded three groups of prizes and awards, respectively, from the former Chairman of the Board of Directors Guanghua, Zhu Qiulong, the former chairman of the board and the chairman of Donghe Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the special chairman of Jiade Technology Development Co., Ltd. He Changqing.

104 009

●Mining student awards: There are seven winners:

◎National Success University Resources Department Fourth Grade - Linzi Town

◎Taipei University of Science and Technology Four Materials - Wang Chongxuan

◎Taipei University of Science and Technology

◎ Kaohsiung University Department of Chemical Engineering, fourth grade - Lin Yuyun

◎The fourth grade of Datong University Materials Department - Xu Wenjie

◎ Dahan Institute of Technology, Four Skills Jewelry III - Wu Guanhe

◎Graduate School of Geology, fourth grade - Xie Chongxi

104 010

Each of the above winners was awarded a prize of RMB 10,000 and a certificate. At the same time, they were divided into two groups. They were invited by the President of Kaohsiung University, Huang Qirui, and the Dean of the School of Engineering, Wang Zongwei.

After the award, all VIPs and members moved to the off-site plaza to film group photos.

104 011

■Keynote speech:

After the award, he was immediately invited to give a keynote speech by Professor Huang Zhiqing from National Sun Yat-sen University. The topic was: "Recent Progress and Applications on Metallic Glasses in Various Forms", Professor Huang's history of metal glass development. And the current situation introduction and analysis are concise and brief, and the application situation is explained in detail. The congregation has benefited a lot, and he applauded and expressed his gratitude. The chairman of the board of directors presented the crystal card seat on behalf of the club; Ming Zhi: Professor Huang Zhiqing, Sun Yat-sen University In the special speech of the 104th Annual Meeting of the Association, the public opinion is incisive, the analysis is detailed, and the special plaque: "The Contribution of the Metal Materials Pioneer Academic Contribution", thank you!

■Annual meeting preparation report:

104 012

Chairman of the preparatory meeting of the annual meeting, the president of the Kaohsiung University School of Engineering, Wang Zongwei, reported the preparations for the annual meeting. Chairman Wang said: The preparations for the 104 annual meeting were held on May 20, July 15, and September 16 for three committee meetings. Completion (1) preparation and staff finalization of the preparatory meeting, (2) time and place of the annual factory tour and symposium, (3) theme of the symposium and invitation of the speaker of the conference, (4) collection and reading of the paper, etc. ( 5) The time and place of the annual banquet. Good progress and consensus were obtained. On the eve of the first meeting of the preparatory meeting, the pre-conference meeting of the preparatory meeting was held at the Kaohsiung University School of Engineering on April 16 to prepare the organization and mission structure of the preparatory meeting so that the preparatory work could be carried out smoothly: On October 22nd, a full-day seminar on "Application and Development of Titanium-nickel Alloys" was held in the International Conference Hall of Sinosteel Group. More than 200 people attended the seminar. The discussion was very enthusiastic and very successful. Today's annual event is held in the morning. The awards and invitations of the lecture by Professor Huang Zhiqing of Sun Yat-sen University, "The status and application of the development of glass" were succinct and detailed, and members benefited a lot. In the afternoon, the paper was read out, and 128 oral presentation groups and 47 poster groups were collected. The papers have academic and economic value. Ming (24) arranged a factory tour, and led by Professor Su Jincheng to the Xingda Thermal Power Plant, the Mino Hakka Culture Center and the Tiantai Mountain Road, I believe that it will be full of harvest.

Finally, thank you for your enthusiastic guidance from the preparatory committee, the enthusiastic participation of the teachers and students of the engineering school and the generous donations from people from all walks of life, so that the preparations for the annual meeting can be successfully completed.

■Conference integration

104 013


● 會務工作:(1) 司選委員會司選第58屆理監事選舉;(2) 獎章委員會徵選104 年「技術獎章」工業技術研究院綠能研究所為準候選人;(3) 召開理監事聯席會議4 次;(4) 57屆(103-104年)會員代表大會1 次。

● 業務報告:(1) 出版《鑛冶》會刊3、6、9月三期;(2) 各專門委員會共舉辦學術活動58 項;(3) 兩岸學術交流:①交換期刊;②舉辦第一屆(2015年)「海峽兩岸地質礦產資源學術研討會」;(4) 報告103年年會提案辦理情形。









 辦法: 建請政府相關機關協助下列事項:

  一、 建請經濟部標檢局迅速啟動各鋼品強制驗證登錄制度,包含鍍烤鋼品、鋼板、H型鋼、熱軋鋼管、鍍鋅鋼管、馬口鐵、輕鋼軌、型鋼、不銹鋼捲片與不銹鋼條棒,以杜絕低價、不良鋼品進口國內,並確保工程品質、國人安全與挽救國內鋼鐵產業。

  二、 建請經濟部標檢局推動國內公共工程唯一使用CNS 規格與正字標記之鋼品,以確保工程品質與國人安全。

  三、 建請經濟部國貿局加強對低價進口鋼品之反傾銷控訴,以健全產業秩序。

  四、 建請經濟部國貿局與東協、印度及歐美各國簽署FTA,降低關稅,以強化國內鋼鐵產業之競爭力。

  五、 建請經濟部國貿局與大陸協商取消出口退稅補貼,並儘速完成貨貿與服貿簽署。

  六、 建請經濟部國貿局協助業者答辯國外反傾銷控訴。


 案由: 建請政府各部會協助煉鋼轉爐石去化及資源化之推動。

 辦法: 為促進地球資源再利用並協助一貫作業鋼鐵廠解決轉爐石去化問題,建請政府協助轉爐石產品之再利用推廣,期藉由科學試用評估計畫,驗證轉爐石產品之使用實績,消弭大眾對於轉爐石產品之疑慮,以創造永續經營環境,並解決鋼鐵工業轉爐




104 014

午餐後,下午13:30 ∼ 17:30假高雄大學管理學院大樓各研討室舉行104年論文宣讀會;分「口頭組」及「海報組」二類;口頭報告分11組,論文共128篇,海報組47篇不分組,茲就口頭宣讀類分組主持人,篇數及主持人列表如下:




1. 礦業甲組

10 篇


2. 礦業乙組

10 篇


3. 冶金甲組

13 篇


4. 冶金乙組

12 篇


5. 石油組

8 篇


6. 材料甲組

13 篇


7. 材料乙組

13 篇


8. 能甲組

12 篇


9. 能乙組

13 篇


10. 資甲組

12 篇


11. 資乙組

11 篇


12. 海報組

47 篇


為提高論文宣讀聽眾出席率,年籌會論文組特地設計摸彩助興,凡出席論文聽眾(含論文作者),不同論文會場蓋滿四個圖章即可參加摸彩,由年籌會提供10個獎,每個1 千元提貨券,於會後在一樓大廳當眾抽獎,情況熱烈。

104 015


  今年年會宴仍假高雄市梓官區「漁故鄉國際大會廳」舉行,席開12桌,菜餚12道,美味可口,供應紅酒,場面歡欣愉悅,酒過三巡,大夥兒上台karaok 助興,中間穿插摸彩,彩金共6萬元禮券,第1獎5千元,最低者1千元,未中獎者各獲中鋼提供高級浴巾一條,皆大歡喜!


104 016

104 018

104 017















1. 引言



2. 日立金屬在能源化工用鎳基合金之發展



3. 鈦鎳合金於電廠之應用與中鋼特殊合金開發現況



4. 鈦鎳合金製造與應用



5. 工業用鈦、鎳合金之特性



6. 鈦合金在醫療之應用與發展



7. 鈦於建築之應用



8. 建築用鈦板的發展



9. 航太產業供應鏈與發展前景



10. 航空發動機材料之應用與發展



11. 航空發動機用鎳基合金之最近發展



12. 座談與問題討論


何文福 教授
邱谷川 協理

104 019



104 020



年會參觀活動於十月廿四日舉行,由蘇進成教授精心安排,報名人數約30 人。當天7:30由蓮潭國際會館出發,經左營高鐵站、高雄大學,於10:30 抵達興達火力發電廠。

104 021


興達火力發電廠為國內第二大火力發電廠,4部機組,裝置容量500MW2部、550MW 2部及複循環機組一部,共5部機組;如不計核電廠,供應全台1/6電量。廠區面績135公頃,北臨興達港、興達港內海、整個瀉湖景觀,範圍由北而南包括竹滬鹽漢灘、興達發電廠、永安鹽灘、永安鄉中油液化天然氣廠至阿公店溪。廠區林木蒼鬱,果樹林立,設有烤肉區、休閒活動區等,廠區公園化,身臨其境,空氣清新,真不知置身於眾所垢病的火力發電廠區內。


104 022

104 023

104 024


天台山神威道場坐落於高雄縣大龜鄉新寮村,占地約300 公頃,建築金璧輝煌,主題建築分前殿、中殿、後殿,屋頂全部鋪設鍍金琉璃,0+在陽光照射下,光茫奪目。附近群巒疊翠,景色迷人,為一貫道全國最大道場。



下午4:30 依依不捨離開天台山道場勝地,中鋼公司支援的交通車送大家至左營高雄站,整天的參觀旅遊,滿載而歸,留下無限美好的回憶!