Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the Association to Host the Special Exhibition of Minerals and Life at the 60th Anniversary of the Taiwan Reunification - Wen/Lin Relocation

In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 60th anniversary of the reunification of the Taiwan Supreme Council, the "Minerals and Life" special exhibition was added at the 55th 3rd Joint

Meeting of the Supervisory Board of Supervisors on June 21, 100. In the event of the convener of the annual exhibition exhibition group, the organizer of the company was organized to promote the publicity effect and let the social and educational institutions generally understand the contents of the exhibition. Special publicity groups were set up, and Luo Lizhiguang was the convener.

The exhibition venue is divided into two exhibition venues: the first exhibition venue is located at the first floor of the sixth teaching building of the Taipei University of Science and Technology; the second exhibition venue is located in the material hall. The booth layout of the exhibition hall is as follows:


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    Exhibitors include the Association, the Mining Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Central Geological Survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, CNPC, Sinosteel, Taiwan Salt Company, and Taiwan Cement Company. The first exhibition includes exquisite mining, various types of High-tech products for mineral utilization and high-quality life, innovative steel products and glass, gemstones, cement, stone, ceramic tiles, stone powder, lightweight aggregates, deep seawater and other resources for high processing and utilization, gold mine coal mine sculpture, exploration and smelting technology And model, mining machinery, mine environment greening, etc.; the second exhibition showcases the mining stamps, coins, miners and the research results of the North University of Science and Technology Resource Research Institute and the precious minerals and rocks of the specimen collection. Specimens, full of dazzling, fully show the inseparable relationship between mining and life.

    The "Minerals and Life" special exhibition was unveiled at 2 pm on November 24th. I would like to ask the Ministry of Economic Affairs Huang Jichang's heavy ball and the mining industry to jointly cut the ribbon. Before the ribbon-cutting, there are students and students of the North University of Science and Technology performing passionate dances. The Economic Daily has a large section of important pages. Report on exhibition activities.

    During the three-day exhibition period (November 24-27), it is estimated that there will be more than 3,000 visitors. The exhibition unit will increase the visit rate, prepare fine mineral souvenirs, and cover 5 stamps at the booth to redeem. Enthusiastic, especially the children are very interested, after receiving the souvenirs, smile and open up, add unlimited participation fun!