37 years to learn to set up a Taiwan branch in Taipei

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       After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in the 34th year of the Republic of China (1945), the important members of the Society in Chongqing were sent to the provincial recovery areas to receive the enemy's pseudo-administration and various industrial mines. Zheng Wang, a member of the family, is scheduled to recover in Taiwan and is sent to receive Japanese workers in Taiwan. The Ministry of Industry and Mines of the Chief Executive of Taiwan Province established the "Coal Supervision Committee" and Mr. Pai was appointed as the chairman. At this time, many important people were received, such as Shi Jiafu, director of Taiwan's gold and copper mining, Sun Jinghua, chairman of Taiwan Aluminum Corporation, and Wang Wenhua, general manager of Taiwan Iron and Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. In addition, there are also people who come to Taiwan to seek career or entrepreneurial opportunities. Among them, there are no fewer than 100 members of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society. So in October of the Republic of China, the "China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society Taiwan Branch" was established in Taipei. Mr. Wang Qiding was elected as the chairman of the Taiwan branch, and dozens of new members and 15 members of the group were recruited. In August of the 38th year of the Republic of China, the first issue of Mining and Metallurgy (Taiwan) was published. Wang Qiu's theorem chief essay "Publishing Words" 曰: "The China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society was founded in September of the Republic of China in September. It has a series of academic quarters of "Mining and Metallurgy", so that members can exchange their knowledge and study. Since its inception, it has been popular all over the country. In the 23rd year of the Republic of China, Jinling was moved to the south, and a new issue of the Minmetals and Metallurgy was added. The special texts and conference dynamics were added to make the spirit of the members closer. However, the mining and metallurgy quarterly issue ended in eight volumes and thirty-two issues. . The February issue of Mining and Metallurgy only published more than 10 issues and it was suspended. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, members were transferred to the military with difficulties, and it was difficult to contact them. In the winter of the 31st year, the backbone of the general meeting was in the assembly of the capital, and the quarterly magazine of mining and metallurgy was once re-published, and it was suspended and stopped. So far, it is a pity. In the autumn of the 37th year, the Chinese Society of Engineers held a joint annual meeting of specialized associations in Taiwan, and organized a meeting of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society Bay Branch in Taiwan. The directors of the General Association, Cao Shengzhi and Mr. Lei Xiaoshi, attended the annual meeting, and many sponsorships were based on the success of the publication. Thanks to the hard work and cooperation of all the same people, this journal was born, with aspirations and a few lines. "

"Minemetallurgy" catalogue

First, the cover (Gourd Stone Concentrator)

Second, the publication of the word Wang Qiding

Third, on the book

Overview of Jinguashi Copper Mine in Taiwan Shi Jiafu

Taiwan Aluminum Corporation Overview Sun Jinghua

Overview of Taiwan's coalfields

Taiwan Iron and Steel Machinery Branch Overview Wang Wenhua

Overview of Taiwan Coal Mine Branch Wang Qiding

Useful dilute minerals

      Taiwan mining and metallurgy industry

Fourth, translation

Progress in mineral processing

Miner’s George S.


China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society resumes in Taiwan

In the 40th year of the Republic of China (1951), in October, the council came to Taiwan and the directors abroad: Zhu Qian, Ye Xiufeng, Cheng Zongyang, Lei Baohua, Liang Shangyu, Chen Lifu, Qin Yu, and Mr. Hu Boyuan jointly initiated the internal affairs and education. The two quasi-books will be reconvened in Taiwan. At 2 pm on November 12 of the same year, a general meeting was held in Taipei City. Zhu Qian served as the temporary chairman and officially announced the resumption of the meeting. Yang Jinzhang, Lu Haixing and Lu Zongxi were elected as members to organize elections.

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       Forty-one years (1952) at 2 pm on March 2, the first meeting of the Supervisory Board of Directors was held in the conference room of No. 34 Zhongzheng West Road, Taipei City. Zhu Qian was the temporary chairman and the elected member Yang Jinzhang 31 represented the report. Results: Zhu Qian, Cheng Zongyang, Ye Xiufeng, Lei Baohua, Jin Kaiying, Sun Jinghua, Yang Jinzhang are standing directors; Wang Qiding, Li Minghe, Dan Zhiyi, Wang Pei, Bu Yuhua, Sun Yanzhong, Wang Zuobin, Zheng Yiqun, Dong Weiqiao, Zhou Liangjiu, Guo Yi Zhi and Shen Zuhong are directors; alternate directors: Cold Bacon, Lin Hongbiao, Ding Chenwei. Lu Zhihong, Lin Sicheng, Yu Wuheng are standing supervisors; Yan Yingjie and Yan Enyu are supervisors; alternate supervisors: Lu Zongyi and Lin Suxing. The executive director publicly promoted Zhu Qian as the chairman of the board, and Ye Xiufeng and Cheng Zongyang were the vice chairman. Prince Pei is the Director General. At that time, there were 198 new and old members and 15 members of the group. Shan Zhi is an accountant. Significant decisions in the meeting (1) The meeting will be resumed at the meeting, all members of the Taiwan Chapter and the assets will be merged into the Association and will cease to be active; (2) The Articles of Association will be drafted in accordance with the "Articles of Association" set by the Ministry of the Interior. After the review, it will be approved by the Ministry of Public Information; (3) At the meeting of the Taiwan Rehabilitation Meeting: first apply for an application in the office of the Taipei Office of the Gold and Copper Mining Bureau; (4) first resume the publication of the "Meeting Newsletter", and then resume The release of the "Mining and Metallurgy Quarterly" was resumed In principle, the "Meeting Newsletter" is decided to be issued once a month; (5) Financially, it is very difficult. Thanks to the full support of the industrial and mining circles, especially at the time of the vigorous coal mining industry, the first annual meeting was decided to be hired: Zhang Ziwei (director of the Central Bank), Yan Qinxian (Chairman of Taiyang Co., Ltd.), Li Jianxing (Rui Chairman of San Mining Co., Ltd., Chen Shangwen (Director of the Construction Department of Taiwan Province), Li Jianhe (Chairman of Ruihe Coal Mine) and Lai Forest (Chairman of Mutual Coal Mine) are “sponsored members”.

Release conference newsletter

  1. I. The first issue of the Conference Newsletter, published on July 20, 2011. The venue: No. 34, Zhongzheng West Road, Taipei City. Issuer: Zhu Qian, Editor-in-Chief: Sun Yanzhong.

(1) The first joint meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held at 2 pm on March 2, 2011 at the Resource Committee of 34 Zhongzheng West Road, Taipei. Chairman: Zhu Qian, Record: Wang Pei, announced the election As a result, 19 people including Zhu Qian served as directors, and Lu Zhihong and other five acted as supervisors. According to the “Articles of Association” issued by the Ministry of the Interior, draft amendments to the Constitution of the Association were prepared and submitted to the Charter Committee for review.

(II) The second joint meeting of the Supervisory Board of Supervisors was held at 10:00 am on May 11, 2011 at the Taiwan Copper and Copper Mining Bureau. Chairman: Zhu Qian, Record: Wang Pei, passed in the meeting

Amend the Articles of Association; review and approve (1) 109 members, 42 members, 2 junior members and 30 members for group members.

Forty-one years of work plans: (1) rebuilding the foundation of the association, (2) restoring business activities within the conference, (3) launching foreign mining activities, and (4) setting up various committees to be responsible for establishing (1) finance, (2) Five special committees, including member incentives, (3) research, (4) publication, and (5) name compilation, promoted the planning work; single-minded slogan accountant, public promotion Wang Zuobin succeeded in accounting. Through the selection of members of the special committees, the details are as follows: (1) Five members of the Finance Committee; Zhu Qian, Jin Kaiying, Wang Qiuding, Wang Zuobin, Yang Jinzhang. Convened by Director Zhu. (2) Nine members of the member Licensing Committee; Cheng Zongyang, Wang Zipei, Zhou Liangjiu, Guo Yizhi, Shan Zhizhen, Shen Zuhong, Leng Peigen, Lu Zongxi, Lin Suxing. Convened by Vice President Cheng. (3) Five members of the research committee; Lu Zhihong, Cheng Zongyang, Ye Xiufeng, Lei Baohua, Yan Enyu. Convened by the supervisor of the land. (4) Eight members of the publishing committee; Lei Baohua, Ye Xiufeng, Lin Sicheng, Sun Jinghua, Yu Shiheng, Sun Yanzhong, Zheng Yiqun, Lin Hongbiao. Called by Lei Lizhi and Vice Chairman Ye. (5) Seven members of the Noun Compilation Committee; Li Minghe, Yan Enyu, Lu Zhihong, Yan Yingjie, Dong Weiqiao, Bu Anhua, Ding Chenwei. Convened by Li Li.

Second, the second issue of the "Meeting Newsletter", published on August 20, 2011, the main content: decided to publish the "Mining and Metallurgy" quarterly issue for the "Taiwan Coal Mine Special Number", please Liang Shangyu, Yuan Shizhen as the main editor; Member Zhu Qian and other 152.

Third, the third issue of the "Meeting Newsletter", published on September 20, 2011 (the meeting was changed to No. 30, Section 1, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City), revealing the compilation and publication of the "Mining and Metallurgy Quarterly", member dynamics And mining and metallurgy news.

  1. 4. The fourth issue of the "Meeting Newsletter" was published on October 20, 2011. It is most important to write "The Brief History of the Association" by member Li Sichang and his personal memory. Wen Hao: "This book It will be established in Beiping in September of the 15th year of the Republic of China. It will be the main engineer of the coal mines in Liuhegou and Kailuan Beipiao, the professors of the mining and metallurgy departments of Beiyang Nankai Northeast and Tangshan Jiaotong University, and the professors and mines of each mining and metallurgy department. Initiated by the Yee Entrepreneur and other institutions, the meeting site was set up in the Beiping Military Department and the Republic of China Mining Association. The first annual meeting was held in Peiping. The members of the Guangzhe member issue conference and special publications have a "mineral and mining quarterly", all selected The research papers of each member are issued in four issues and are issued on schedule. In the meeting, there were two committees for editing and publishing. After the establishment of the National Government in Nanjing, the site was also moved to Meiyuan New Village, Peiyu Temple, Nanjing. Since the third year of the year, the "Mineral and Metallurgical February" issue has been published simultaneously with the "Mining and Metallurgy Quarterly", which is the most prosperous period of the Association. He has held annual meetings in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, and has set up branches in various mining and metallurgical industries in China, such as Nanjing Wuhan North.

The Association has a temporary clubhouse in Nanjing Meiyuan New Village. It is inconvenient for the department to rent. It has been funded by various mines and purchased a foundation in the northwestern city of Nanjing City to build a permanent club. I can't wait to start the work and fight against the war. I moved to Chongqing in Shangqing Temple and built a clubhouse for the purpose of gathering and hospitality. During the Anti-Japanese War, he held the annual meeting of the annual meeting of the China Society of Engineers, such as Chongqing Guilin Guiyang Kunming Lanzhou Chengdu and other places and continued to issue the "Mining and Metallurgy" quarterly magazine (which was once changed to a semi-annual publication due to lack of printing and materials). The membership has reached more than 1,000 people.

In the five years of the Republic of China, the capital of the country has also been relocated to Nanjing from Chongqing. It is planning to raise a permanent site for the capital's original purchase of foundations and expand the business of the Association, with a view to laying the foundation for this meeting. After the retreat of Nanjing in the next eight years, the meeting will temporarily suspend its suspension. In the fifth to the eighth year, in addition to the annual meeting in Taiwan in October and July, and the promotion of the Taiwan branch, it is busy with the relationship between reception and personnel. The other conferences have not been promoted. This is the quarterly publication of the "Mining and Metallurgy" which has a history of more than one year. Fortunately, the Taiwan branch was established. I published the first issue of "Mining and Metallurgy" in the next eight years and thought it would continue. In the past forty years, this association has resumed in Taiwan, and all members of the Taiwan branch and their assets have been incorporated into this Council.

  1. V. The fifth issue of the "Meeting Newsletter", published on November 30, 41, contains the briefing of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Association. Zhu Tao, Director of the Board of Directors, broadcasts the full text to the mainland. This is the The first annual meeting officially held since Taiwan’s reunification has been very historic. In order to commemorate the spirit of the predecessor’s reunion in Taiwan, the spirit of creating the future, and understanding the meeting of the early annual meeting.
  1. 6. The sixth issue of the "Meeting Newsletter" was published on December 31, 41. The chairman of the board of directors of the Republic of China forty-two years is Zhu Qian, the vice presidents are Cheng Zongyang and Jin Kaiying; the second issue of the "Mining and Metallurgy" quarterly title is "Zhang Yufu, Mr. Yu Zailin Memorial Number", the content: the first part is Commemorative words, the portraits of Mr. Zhang and Yu Er and the deeds and legacy of Mr. Er, the second part is the annual conference papers, and the third part is the annual meeting chronicles and conference reports. Regarding Mr. Zhang's information, please collect the information from Mr. Dong Wenqi and Mr. Wang Zuobin. Regarding the information of Mr. Yu, please collect it by Bai Yanwu and send it to the Association before December 20. Regarding the paper, please ask Director Zhu and Vice President Cheng. The third part is supplied by the conference. Mr. Zhang and Yu Er’s commemorative texts are requested by Mr. Zhu, and Mr. Liang Shangyu is the editor-in-chief of the “Mining and Metallurgy” quarterly magazine. He continues to be responsible and often presides over.

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The first annual meeting of the Association after the resumption of the meeting

In the 41st year of the Republic of China (1952), at 8:00 am on November 12, the Taipei Petrochemical Conference Hall held the 41st annual meeting of the Association. The performance in Taiwan should be unprecedented.

Attendance members: Zhu Qian and more than 100 people.

Chairman: Zhu Qian Record: Chen Zhongyu

Chairman Zhu Qian’s report:

This year's annual meeting of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society was held in the middle of the annual meeting of the Chinese Society of Engineers. At the beginning, the preparatory work for the annual meeting of the Mining and Metallurgy Society was very slow, and the triads and tricycles were organized and rushed to organize, and they can meet as scheduled today. I am very pleased.

All matters of the annual meeting were promoted and contributed by the Director General, Mr. Wang Pei, to enable the publication of the "Mineral and Metallurgy" journal. The first issue of the "Mineral and Metallurgy" issue of the first volume of the re-issuance of the Republic of China in October of the 41st year of the Republic of China is a special issue of Taiwan Coal, and one of the "Taiwanese Coal Mines" is the result of the participation of members of the Liang Shangyu in the coal industry. Published, the materials are rich and complete, the content is extremely detailed, it is extremely rare, the full text is about 80,000 words, about the proofreading, typing, etc., the rest of the month, all handled by Mr. Wang Pei, work to be hard work, has been published, I should like to express my gratitude to Mr. Liang and Mr. Wang.

In addition to the article "Taiwanese Coal Mine" by Mr. Liang Shangyu, the current "Mining and Metallurgy" journal, there are many papers and reports in this annual meeting. Most of the contents are extremely valuable, but they cannot be published one by one. . Today, due to time constraints, only three papers were selected for presentation, and the rest were left for later publication in the journal.

There are a lot of people attending the annual meeting today. Many members are coming from afar. Everyone is happy and happy. But I think there are many members of our country. They used to dedicate themselves to mining and metallurgy. Now they are hindering. Within the Iron Curtain, they failed to attend. Although a small number of people changed their minds and voted for themselves, most of them are extremely eager to escape from the Iron Curtain and cannot be free. Now they are suffering. Today we all gather here and think of it. They are really sorry!

There are a lot of shows on the conference today. Now, with less time, I will stop talking more and continue to the next show.

Representatives of the competent authorities:

The representative of the Ministry of the Interior delivered a speech on behalf of Li Guoan. It is slightly: Today is the first annual meeting of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society in Taiwan. It is very rare to have such a large-scale rally. I hope that the new supervisors can take up their responsibilities. At the same time, I hope that every member can care about and understand the conference, and contribute to everyone's strength in this society. I believe that you will have a better grade at the annual meeting next year.

Guest speech:

(1) Xu Yanjun, the representative of the Ministry of Education, made a speech: slightly, the mining and metallurgy industry is in an extremely important position in industrial construction. The responsibility of the gentlemen for the national rejuvenation work is extremely important. In the past, the mining and metallurgy conference on the mainland The journal is extremely famous, and the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy has performed very well on the achievements of the country.

Today, there is a proposal for the individual to contribute to your association. At present, there are no mining and metallurgy departments in Taiwan universities. Although there is a mining and metallurgy engineering department in Taipei University, there is a need for improvement in equipment. Taiwan's mining and metallurgy industry is quite developed, and it often feels that there is a shortage of talents. After counterattacking the mainland in the future, it will require more talents in this area. This is an education issue.

Regarding the establishment of the University of Mining and Metallurgy, there is currently a problem, that is, the funding problem. How to solve this problem, we must ask everyone to study, if there is no problem with the funds, the other work headquarters must be fully supportive.

(2) Li Minghe, the representative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said: Today is the annual meeting of the China Mining and Metallurgy Society. Last year was the preparatory meeting for the resumption of Taiwan. This year is the first annual meeting. In the past, Taiwan used to have a branch. After the resumption of the meeting last year, the club was merged into the club. The performance of the Taiwan branch in the past was very good. There are many contributions and assistance to this association.