2017 Annual Meeting Handbook

Preparatory Committee

Chairman: Liao Xiaolong

Deputy Chairman: Wu Weizhi, Hu Yazhan, Weng Rongnan, Chen Dalin, Chen Qitai, Fu Shiqi

Executive Secretary: Huang Junqin

Committee members: Ding Yuanzhi, Wang Zhong, Wang Xifu, He Hengzhang, Yu Bingsheng, Li Huilong, Yi Hongting, Tang Zibiao, Lian Shuangxi,

                      Chen Yizhen, Chen Ruixiang, Zeng Baozhong, Zheng Ruiqi, Xie Kaixuan, Yan Zhiwei, Luo Guangkai, Wei Jisheng

Guidance Advisor: Wang Wei, Wang Xiqin, Zhu Wencheng, Zhu Mingzhao, Zhu Qiulong, Zhu Haiyang, Jiang Chongrong, Jiang Yuming, He Changqing,

                      Wu Linmao, Wu Lequn, Lu Kezhen, Li Kunyan, Li Jianming, Li Boren, Ji Aming, Shen Jinquan, Zhou Guodong,

                      Zhou Kaifen, Lin Renyi, Lin Hongnan, Qiu Wenchang, Qiu Shunde, Hou Jieteng, Lin Zhishan, Lin Mingru, Lin Qiufeng,

                      Lin Yishou, Lin Qingming, Xu Xudong, Xu Zhenhu, Weng Chaodong, Hong Congrong, Hu Yicai, Hu Yaozu, Zhang Tiande,

                      Zhang Anping, Zhang Zhisheng, Liang Jinmin, Zhang Qingtang, Zhuang Mushun, Zhuang Tongxing, Zhuang Jingchao, Xu Zhengxun, Xu Lianchong,

                      Chen Erchuan, Chen Shengping, Chen Jinde, Guo Xinjin, Chen Muze, Chen Zhengguang, Chen Zhaoxu, Chen Shuguang, Chen Haiping,

                      Chen Minxiu, Huang Huaming, Chen Desheng, Cheng Zanyu, Yun Caifu, Huang Wenqi, Huang Huangyu, Huang Ruilong, Yang Dexiong,

                      Ye Shuotang, Zhao Jianzai, Liu Jigang, Liu Yuxi, Pan Lizhi, Pan Yanwei, Dong Jiating, Lai Jinwen, Xie Songcun,

                      Cai Sui, Xiao Qichang, Lai Kefu, Xie Yanming, Zhong Bingli, Jian Zongyi, Lan Xianming, Yan Huixiong, Luo Wei

General affairs group

Convener: Liu Zhi Brown

Deputy Convener: Huang Wenjie, Zhang Huiyun

Finance group

Convener: Liu Jigang

Deputy Convener: Wu Shujuan, Luo Guangkai, Chen Tianmin

Focus group

Convener: Wu Weizhi

Deputy Convener: Li Wenchuan, Luo Wenjie

Award group

Convener: Yu Bingsheng

Deputy Convener: Dong Wei, Shi Hanzheng

Registration group

Convener: Song Guichun

Deputy Convener: Cui Shuhua

Secretary group

Convener: Guo Kaicheng

Deputy Convener: Li Wenchuan

Factory mine tour group

Convener: Zhang Huiyun

Deputy Convener: Zhang Weiwei

Event venue group:

Convener: Wu Guohua

Deputy Convener : Jiang Lianglong

Conference comprehensive report

The comprehensive report on the implementation of the 106-year conference work of the Association is as follows:

A, conference work

  1. 1. The Selection Committee:

According to Article 19 of the Chapter, the election of the supervisors and member representatives of the Association was held by the two former directors (Mr. Zhu Qiulong and Mr. Wu Rongzhang) and the current Chairman (Mr. Lin Hongnan). Elected members, formed a selection committee, and was appointed as the convener of the current chairman Lin Hongnan. In December 2006, the 59th (107-108) supervisor was elected.

Second, the medal committee:

       (1) The Association solicited the "Technical Medal" candidate for the 106th year of the Republic of China, on March 15 (106), the mining and metallurgy award ○ No. 1 in the "Mine and Metallurgy" Journal, Volume 61, Issue 1 (March, 106 issue), published a solicitation recommendation notice.

       (II) A total of one recommendation letter was received as of August 31, 2006, and at 10:00 am on Tuesday, September 19, Chairman Yi Hongting held the meeting to review the qualifications and vote.

       (3) Taiwan Cement Co., Ltd., a member of the review candidate group, complies with the provisions of Article 5 of the Medal of the Medal and has no objection.

       (4) A total of 9 votes were passed by the attending members, and 9 votes were approved by the winners of the 106th Technical Medal of the Association. They were approved by the 58th 8th Board of Supervisors and passed the awards. They were accepted at the 106th Annual Meeting. .

  1. 3. Joint meeting of the governors and supervisors:

       (1) The 58th 5th Joint Meeting of Supervisors: On December 16, 2015 (Friday), at 10:00 am in the conference room of this Council, the report and resolutions:

  1. 1. Director Lin’s report:

                  (1) Mr. Qian Lin, the Secretary-General of Qianlin, passed away on October 18th. In the past 16 years, the Secretary-General Lin’s contribution to the Society has been obvious to all. Although he has left, he still feels.

                  (2) On November 9th, the Ministry of the Interior awarded the 103rd National Association for the Evaluation of Performance of Social Groups in the 104th year of the Association. This is the third consecutive year of awards, and such good results are expected to be sustained.

  1. 2. Secretary-General Chen Qitai’s work report:

                 (1) The report will be held on November 9th and 10th, and will handle the annual meeting of the Society, handling seminars, annual conferences, drills and banquets and papers.

                 (2) This year's special award paper is written by the authors such as Ding Shixuan and other five authors, "The development of the anti-heat-softening 5000 series aluminum alloy for automobiles" will represent the Association to participate in the China Trade Union Paper Competition next year.

                 (3) The 2nd "Two Gorges Cross-Strait Oil and Gas Resources Symposium" jointly organized by the Association and the Fujian Mining Association was held in Fujian this year. This Council has written and telephoned on the afternoon of October 14 that this year it is impossible to form a group. participate.

  1. 3. After the amendment, pass the 106-year revenue and expenditure budget:

                 (1) Income: 3,690,000 yuan;

                 (2) Expenditure: RMB 3,690,000

  1. 4. Amend the orientation of the 106-year important academic activity plan.
  1. 5. Discuss the amendments to the important items and the distribution of contributors through the “Overview of the construction of mining and metallurgy projects in one year (105)”.
  1. 6. One proposal for the 105-year annual meeting was submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs for reference.
  1. 7. Ratify and apply for membership as a junior member through 9 people including Yang Changting.
  1. 8. Temporary Motion Resolution: The Publishing Committee is invited to convene a special meeting to discuss the reform of the mining and smelting paper awards to the supervisory board for discussion.

       (II) The 58th 6th Joint Meeting of Supervisors: On March 3, 2015 (Friday), at 2 pm in the conference room of the Conference, the report and resolutions:

  1. 1. Director Lin’s report:

                 (1) The annual conference is held in North, Central and South China. It will be handled in the middle of this year. Today, the chairman of the annual meeting is expected to actively prepare for the annual meeting.

                 (2) In the last meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the resolution review method was revised, and the publishing committee was invited to open a conference to discuss business. Later, during the discussion, please provide insights.

  1. 2. Secretary-General Chen Qitai’s work report:

                 (1) Individual member and group member annual meeting payment notices will be sent on January 16 and February 4, respectively, please pay before the end of March.

                 (2) The annual advertising fund-raising letter was issued on February 3, and there are currently 11 respondents, amounting to 550,000 yuan, about 76% of the target, and will continue to negotiate.

                 (3) The new construction project of the east side of the association will be constructed in the near future. The identification of the existing buildings before the commencement of construction will commence. The technicians of the Civil Engineers Association will be invited to the exhibition on January 24, and the structure of the building will be generally safe.

                 (4) Proposal of the 105th Annual Meeting of the Metallurgical Committee: “To request the Energy Bureau to provide the waste heat power generation incentive mechanism and the time-course requirement for relaxing the waste heat recovery equipment subsidy project”, February 20, the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  1. 3. The special committees report 106 years of organization and work plans.
  1. 4. Discuss the adoption of the 105-year final settlement.

                 (1) Income: RMB 4,353,770; Expenditure: RMB 5,053,986; Yu Yi: -700,216 yuan, due to the payment of the former forest consultant's pension of 1,372,455 yuan.

                 (2) Chairman of the 105th Annual Meeting Wang Xiqin agreed that the balance of the annual meeting of 485,380 yuan will be allocated to the Society for the development of conference services.

  1. 5. Through the 106 years of organization, committee appointment and work plan of each special committee.
  1. 6. Chairman of the Board of Directors Nominating Medal Committee Yi Hongting and 5 members: Chen Yizhen, Qiu Shunde, Chen Shuguang, Weng Rongnan and Li Huilong. At the same time, nominated five by special committees: Weng Zuyu, Chen Qitai, Dong Wei, Tang Zibiao, and Huang Zhongyu.
  1. 7. The resolution was adopted at the 58th 2nd Member Congress on April 18, 2006 (Tuesday) from 10:00 to 13:00 at the meeting room 513 of the headquarters of Taiwan's CNPC.
  1. 8. Mr. Liao Yilong, the Executive Director of Taiwan's CNPC Exploration and Production Department, is the chairman of the preparatory committee for the annual meeting of the current (106) year.
  1. 9. Through the Authorized Publication Committee Chen Shuguang, the Chairman of the Board of Directors revised the preliminary examination and review review methods of the annual meeting papers, and drafted them. The correspondence and supervisors will deliver the implementation within one week without objection.
  1. 10. Apply for a membership of 4 members.

       (3) The 58th 7th Joint Supervisory Board Meeting: Friday, June 16, 106

At 2 pm in the conference room of the meeting, the report and resolutions:

  1. 1. Director Lin’s report:

                 (1) On June 2, the Chinese Society of Engineers and the special committees celebrated the Engineers' Day and the 106th Annual Meeting. The five members of the Association, Ding Shixuan, and others, "The development of high-performance 5000-type aluminum locomotives for aluminum locomotives", won the Chinese Trade Union. Zhan Tianyou Paper Award", I would like to congratulate you!

                 (2) The estimated annual budget for the 106-year annual meeting is about 1.42 million yuan. Members of the various groups and members of this association are invited to donate generous donations.

  1. 2. Secretary-General Chen Qitai’s report:

                 (1) On April 18, the headquarters of the CNPC headquarters held the 58th 2nd Member Congress.

                 (2) On June 9th, the Miaoli City Oil Exploration and Production Division held the 1st meeting of the preparatory meeting for the 106th Annual Meeting of the Association.

                 (3) This quarter, the Secretariat co-organized the notices and records of the preparatory meeting for the 106th annual meeting of the Association, and the letters of preparation for the preparatory meeting for the preparation of the preparatory meeting and the staff.

                 (4) The application documents for the University Student Scholarship and Lu Shandong Scholarship will be sent in the near future. The application deadline is set at the end of August and the meeting will be held in early September.

                 (5) Fundraising for the annual meeting will begin at the end of June.

                 (6) Notice of the meeting of the annual meeting, VIP invitation letter, members and VIPs attending the preparation of the manuscript, waiting for confirmation and printing; the certificate and medal secretariat will assist in the production.

                 (7) Groups or individual members are invited to sponsor 300-400 annual meeting kits.

                 (8) The 58th Session of the Board of Supervisors and Member Representatives will expire at the end of this year. The next (59th) Supervisor is going to adopt the newsletter election. Representatives of the 59th Congress will be divided into North, Central and South Districts at the beginning of next year in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of the Interior and the Constitution of the Institute.

  1. 3. Chairman Liao Long reported on the preparations for the 106th annual meeting of the Association.
  1. 4. Cai’s thesis committee member Song Wei (general Secretary Chen Qitai) reported the selection of the 106-year paper contest of the Chinese Trade Union.
  1. 5. The special committees report on the implementation of the work plan for the first half of the year (January-June).
  1. 6. Preparations for the establishment of the 106th annual meeting of the Association, the convening of the meeting, the venue, the symposium, etc.
  1. 7. The implementation of the work of the special committees in the first half of the year (June-June) and the next (July-December) work plan will be discussed.
  1. 8. The provisional motion resolved to hire the head of the group member to serve as the guidance counselor for the annual meeting, and the board of supervisors served as the annual meeting committee member.

       (IV) The 8th 8th Supervisory Board of Supervisors: The meeting was held in the conference room of the Conference on September 29, 2015 (Friday) at 2:30 pm, report and resolutions: