■Winners - Institute of Industrial Technology / Institute of Green Energy and Environment

The Green Energy and Environment Research Institute of the Institute of Industrial Technology, the Group's member companies, with green energy, environment and resource technology as the core, cooperates with national policies, and is committed to creating a forward-looking technology for energy saving, carbon reduction and sustainable environment, and promoting green energy emerging. Technology and development of the green energy industry, in order to become Taiwan's forward-looking energy ring technology benchmark and green industry pioneer. For a long time, we have been adhering to the principle of “developing science and technology, driving industrial development, creating economic value, and enhancing social well-being”. We are committed to the development of clean energy technologies and sustainable environmental technologies to help domestic industries break through development barriers and drive economic growth. Its core value is to lead the domestic forward-looking green energy technology research and development, create energy-saving carbon reduction and sustainable environmental technology, and assist the industry to create and develop green energy and environmental new industries to achieve sustainable development goals. The institute has trained outstanding talents to carry out training, and promotes forward-looking planning and international technical cooperation. It has developed the world's top technologies and applications in the three major aspects of forward-looking innovation, product development and patent layout. It has been awarded for three consecutive years since 2012-2014. The R&D 100 Awards, the world's top 100 R&D 100 Awards, were also nominated for three awards in 2015. In addition to continuing to provide high-quality, high-value industrial knowledge services, we will continue to create new opportunities for green energy, resources and environmental industries under the global trend of energy conservation and carbon reduction. Here is a list of the outstanding performances of the past few years:

  1. I. Energy policy promotion and industrial technology development
  1. 1. Lead the overall energy strategy think tank team to assist the Energy Bureau in developing a major energy policy and construction and civil/NGO communication platform.
  1. 2. Organize the project team to participate in the research and promotion of the relevant green energy policy of the Energy Bureau.
  1. 3. Lead the team to assist the Energy Bureau in promoting the green energy industry's Xusheng and Yuesheng plans.
  1. 4. Leading the establishment of various energy standards and long-term commitment to the promotion of energy-saving stamps.
  1. 5. Leading the localization of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology and implementing equipment MIT.
  1. 6. Lead the manufacturing energy conservation and carbon reduction technology service group to achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction targets.
  1. 7. Promote the establishment of industrial R&D alliance and accelerate the time course of technology industrialization.
  1. 8. Develop LED lighting standards and measurement technologies to enhance industrial competitiveness.
  1. 2. Leading the development of major energy and environmental innovation technologies
  1. 1. High-speed charge and discharge aluminum ion battery: Insertion/embedding chemical reaction in 3D graphite intercalation with aluminum ionic liquid (EMIC+AlCl3), breaking the life limit of aluminum battery, up to 7,500 under 80% deep charge and discharge - 30,000 cycles and a leading indicator of 75C (50 seconds) to 2C (30 minutes) at a variable charge and discharge rate. The technology was recognized by the Nature Journal in 2015, causing international media such as Forbes Magazine and Wall Street Journal. Report.
  1. 2. The development of the energy strategy agenda communication platform: the construction of the OIP platform for domestic energy issues, and the development of the National Self-Defined Expected Contribution (INDC) recommendations.
  1. 3. AMI system technology promotes the application in the international market: complete the smart meter software system technology and quickly test the meter to cross the basic threshold of certification; the number of patents related to AMI technology related patents has reached 13,250 yuan. In the international market, it also received orders from UK AMI system vendors, with an estimated shipment of 8 million in 5 years.
  1. 4. Fully automatic 2D-FTIR gas monitoring technology: Separating complex gaseous absorption peaks by CWT digital waveform algorithm, solving the problem of insufficient gas analysis ability of existing 2D imaging systems and opening up from general monitoring to emergency leakage strain and pollutant diffusion Forecast area.
  1. 5. Dye-sensitized solar cell technology industry value-added: from materials, batteries, modules, equipment, detection and application, promoted the cooperation alliance of Taiwan DSSC (Taiwan, Yongguang, Taiwan GEM, Yatong, Kington Technology) The global module production value is about 370 million US dollars. Formosa Plastics expects to complete the trial production line after 4 years. The Republic of China will drive the relevant total output value to 30 billion yuan in 108 years.
  1. 6. Promote public power to demonstrate environmental justice: use the stable isotope Kinetic Isotope Effect to identify soil groundwater pollution, and implement the government's implementation of public power to maintain the health of the public for drinking water and crops.
  1. 7. Innovative microalgae growth control technology: using Bacillus sp. bacterial culture, obtain "photosynthetic growth promoter (ITRI-A1)" and "cell-breaking active substance (ITRI-G1)" to enhance the growth of microalgae, double the yield And start the micro-algae self-protection mechanism, regulate the appropriate concentration and accelerate the accumulation of astaxanthin.
  1. 8. Fluid-driven lighting technology: The international innovative liquid-rotating power generation device is used on fire sprinklers to provide adequate lighting for firefighters to rescue people and people to escape. The turbine system converts fluid kinetic energy into electrical energy, and it does not require energy-consuming shaft sealing components and does not require lubricating oil to sustainably and stably operate, which is superior to the conventional hydroelectric generator, which has to sacrifice the flow rate to enhance the impact water pressure. Only a part of the kinetic energy can be used to meet the power demand for lighting and the large flow demand during fire sprinkling, which can improve the problems of battery overweight and power system failure in traditional lighting devices. The patent integrates Aerospace's turbine rotor power technology and Green Energy's energy extraction technology to significantly reduce product manufacturing and assembly costs, enabling it to be widely used in innovative green energy products and fire protection products. 5 cases of 23 patent protection, total technology and patent licensing fees up to 54,700 thousand yuan.

Third, quality services significantly increase the value-added benefits of the industry

  1. 1. Maglev centrifuge: Compared with international products of the same class, competitive advantages include (1) higher efficiency (up 7%); (2) all-electromagnets can eliminate degaussing concerns; (3) separate design of compressor and inverter , the number of maintenance days is halved; (4) fully compatible with national voltage specifications; (5) the only built-in lifetime cloud monitoring service. By 2022, the annual output of China's maglev compressors and chillers will be 1,860 units and 1,600 units, equivalent to the industrial value of NT$10 billion. And along with the international giant Danfoss, the world's magnetic float centrifuges.
  1. 2. Construction of third-party verification mechanism of PV power plant: cooperated with UL of international certification company, firstly created the third-party verification mechanism of domestic PV power plant, and carried out the first power plant inspection case in China (Li Changrong Industrial total 10.8MW, 47 case field system). Provides third-party inspection and technical services for the domestic 500MW solar photovoltaic system. Through testing and certification, the plant pricing and system grading system will be promoted, and the confidence of banks, investors and insurers in the performance quality and reliability of power plants will be increased, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the market for orders and promoting stakeholder investment in PV power plants.
  1. 3. Calcium loop captures CO2: Integrated multi-stage cyclone-type calcium loop capture of steam hydration reaction, continuous operation of 1.9MWt calcium loop pilot test plant, verification of system operation stability and completion of the calcium loop capture demonstration system industry alliance organization charter. Technology and patent licensing fees totaled RMB 42,150. It is expected that the establishment of new startups and industry partners will actively promote the mainland, Southeast Asia and North America markets.
  1. 4. Smart Green Building Industry Value-added: Use ITRI Green Campus technology combined with EMS, SGB and traditional industries to establish systematic processes and design specifications, and create industrialization cases and processes.
  1. 5. Explosion-proof electrical testing services: to ensure the safety of electrical equipment in inflammable and explosive high-risk areas and promote the domestic explosion-proof equipment industry. (1) The only internationally recognized testing technology in China: eight types of structural testing energy for explosion-proof electrical, signed cross-certification with international nine units, and greatly reduced the time limit for national product certification; (2) Pushing up the technical capabilities of domestic explosion-proof electrical equipment industry: According to our testing technology, 1,780 qualified products were tested in 2011-2015, 80% of which were domestic manufacturers' products; (3) Breaking the situation of foreign manufacturers' exclusive explosion-proof electrical products market and increasing the output value of domestic manufacturers by 30%: promoting domestic investment The total investment amount exceeds 1 billion yuan.

■ In summary:

The Institute of Green Energy and Environment of the Institute of Industrial Technology, a member of the Association, is engaged in the promotion of national major energy policies and the development of energy and environmental innovation technologies. Through high-quality service content, it has greatly improved the industrial value and efficiency in recent years. In the past three years, Green Energy The number of patents obtained with the Environmental Research Institute has reached 580, the number of patent applications has been 128, and the amount of patents used has reached 141,585 thousand yuan, which shows its technological development in the field of green energy and environment and the transformation of industrial upgrading. Specific contributions.

In order to maximize the benefits of R&D resources, the Institute of Green Energy and Environment conducts research and development strategy layout with systematic situational guidance, and takes industrialization as its ultimate goal. Its long-term focus is on new and renewable energy, energy conservation management and promotion, and low carbon. And the research and development of environmental technology, and the research and development achievements have been fruitful over the years. The main implementation of the national special project includes "CIGS Solar Cell Key Technology Development Plan", "Healthy Life Industry Environmental Safety Technology Development Plan", and application in the green energy field. Type plans, etc. As for the Ministry of Economics, the special plans include "development of key technologies for advanced biomass fuels", "development of grid-level energy storage systems and grid-connected technologies", "development of high-performance solid-state lighting technologies", and "high efficiency." "Technology development of centrifuges and heat pump air conditioners", "Deep geothermal power generation technology research", "Rand and sea wind turbine technology research and development and promotion", "High-performance solar photovoltaic system technology development" and other plans. The innovative technological achievements developed by the project are not only forward-looking, but also recognized by domestic and foreign awards. Green Energy has not only won the National Invention Creation Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but also won numerous awards in the international arena, among which there is no carbon loss cellulose butanol. Production technology and calcium loop capture carbon dioxide technology won the R&D 100 Awards in 2013 and 2014 respectively. The application of fluid-driven lighting has won the Reddot Red Dot Design Award, the German iF Design Award, and the US IDEA. Product Design Award, Japan Good Design Award, Pittsburgh Invention Exhibition 2 Gold 1 Silver and Far East Best Invention Award, and also included in the 2015 Global R&D 100 Awards Mechanical Devices/Materials Category Award and "Market Destructive "Market Disruptor Product" special awards and many other awards. In addition to assisting the country in formulating and promoting major energy policies, it will also accelerate the development of domestic industrial technology development, not only to promote the integration of the industry in the middle and lower reaches, to build a complete industrial chain, but also to promote the industry's early investment in forward-looking research and development, to assist manufacturers in their existing capabilities. On the basis of the introduction of green energy technology research and development results, to accelerate the development of emerging industries, the rapid introduction of mass production, grasp the market to take the lead. The above-mentioned fruitful results have laid a solid foundation for China's industrial R&D energy, deepen international competitiveness, and contribute to the country, industry and society.

■ Zhang Ming praises:

The Institute of Green Energy and Environment of the Institute of Industrial Technology, the Group's member company, adheres to the tasks of scientific research and development, driving industrial development, creating economic value and enhancing social welfare, and is committed to clean energy and sustainable environmental technology development; Development and patent layout have developed three world-class technical applications; R&D products have won many invention awards at home and abroad; especially for high-speed charge and discharge ion battery technology, dye-sensitized solar cell technology industry value-added, calcium circuit capture CO2 technology , explosion-proof electrical testing services, etc., in the field of resources and materials utilization and mining research, has made great achievements.

The Institute assists the government in formulating and promoting energy and environmental policies, and implements technology research and development in the industry, and exerts technological achievements to enhance the development of domestic industrial technology, enhance the competitiveness of the national energy and environmental industry, and contribute to the overall economic development of the country. The award of the "Technical Medal" of the highest honor of the Republic of China in 104 yea