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In October, the Miaoli Mountain City has a cool breeze, and there is a chill in the late autumn. The China National Petroleum Exploration and Research Institute on the northeast side of the suburb of the city is in charge of handling the 102nd Annual Meeting of the China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society. The lobby of the building, crowded with people, attending the conference members, all smiles, enthusiasm, joy and happiness!

Named after the "word" of the first generation of the oil industry master, Mr. Jin Kaiying, the building is simple, elegant and quiet. The building is six stories high and the grand auditorium is located on the first floor for the convenience of the public. The annual meeting of the Society of Mining and Metallurgy was held in the Great Hall of the Gonglou Building for the first time in 81 years. The Great Hall of the Republic of China was completely renovated in 1998. The floor, seat, sound and stage were completely new and the weather was very good!

The members of the Society are held throughout the province, and the annual conventions are held annually in the northern, central and southern cities of China. In the middle of the year of 102, the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors are still invited by the China Petroleum Research Institute and the Exploration Department to host the Director of the Department Wu Rongzhang. As the chairman of the preparatory meeting of the annual meeting, the director of the research institute Hu Xingtai is the deputy director; after five months of preparation, three preparatory meetings and countless work coordination meetings were held. The resolution of the meeting was held on the morning of October 25, and the paper was read in the afternoon. Meeting and annual banquet; "The Symposium" is scheduled to be held on October 16 in advance at the International Conference Hall of the Sixth Teaching Building of the Taipei University of Science and Technology; after the annual meeting, the factory and mine will be visited on the 26th (the day); The "Milk and Metal Cup Tennis Tournament" was held. It was held in Miaoli County Stadium on October 19 after the rain was delayed.

1. Annual meeting

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At the meeting of the annual meeting on October 25th at 9:00 am and 10:00, the members of the hall outside the auditorium will be reported to the members; the halls are decorated with brilliance and elegant layout, and the order is orderly.

This year's annual souvenir is a box of Miaoli's famous products. The contents are rich: Meigan cuisine, bean curd milk, purple plum and blessings, etc., all of which are delicious and delicious; Mr. Zhu gave a senior mug and cast a logo of the town of Logo. The information kit is packed with 242 pages of "The Handbook of the Association" and "Mining and Metallurgy", Volume 57, Issue 3, and the souvenir is very popular among VIPs and members!

At 10 o'clock, the venue was packed, and the beautiful and generous Miss Shi Yizhuang and Miss Zhan Yueqin announced the start of the conference.

The first meeting of the conference was delivered by Zhu Long, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Qiu Long. He said: The Society of Mining and Metallurgy is a social academic group with a long history of 86 years. It has been in Taiwan since the Republic of China for 40 years. After 25 years of leadership and reform, the conference It has flourished over the years; over the years, the Association has published the "Mining and Metallurgy Dictionary", "Mining and Metallurgy Engineering Noun", "Mining and Metallurgy" magazine won the "Golden Tripod Award", and organized the 60th, 70th and 80th anniversary of the founding of the building. The "Minerals and Life" special exhibition was well received by the community. In 101, the Ministry of the Interior issued the "Excellent Award" for its performance.

This year's annual meeting held the "Energy Technology and Environment" symposium, invited experts and scholars to report and discuss, very popular!

Today's annual meeting will present the highest honors of the Association's 102-year "Technical Medal", thesis award, the "Lu Shandong" scholarship and the college student awards. What is even more rare is the invitation to the chairman of Taiwan's CNPC Lin Shengzhong, a special speech "Shale Gas challenges and countermeasures."

Finally, I would like to thank the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Association, Liu Jigang, for the fundraising of the annual meeting, as well as the Executive Director of the Exploration and Production Department, Wu Rongzhang, the Director of the Institute of Exploration and Research, Hu Xingtai, and the staff of CNPC to organize the annual meeting!

■VIP speech

  1. 1. Xu Yaochang legislators because the Miaoli Railway Station cross-station station room officially opened the ribbon-cutting trip must be rushed to the scene, first came to the stage to give a speech, I wish the 102-year annual meeting a complete success, and welcomed the old generation of new generations passed down from generation to generation.
  1. 2. Ms. Lin Jixiang, deputy magistrate of Miaoli County, mentioned the coal mines in Tai'an and Nanzhuang, and the forestry industry in the past, Linan, Taihu, Nanzhuang and Nanzhuang, and the ancient oil wells in Wenshui, are the valuable sightseeing resources of Miaoli. Thanks to the cooperation and cooperation of CNPC to expand the sightseeing spots in the county.
  1. 3. Director Zhu of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the speech called for emulating the successful development of the countries surrounding the Beihai Oilfield. The two sides or the three parties donated stereotypes to jointly develop rich oil and natural gas resources in the East China Sea. Participants were asked to respond to President Ma’s principle of “shelving disputes and jointly developing” and establishing cooperation mechanisms with countries in the East China Sea region to jointly develop this area. It is expected that Taiwan’s CNPC will have a fruitful harvest; Progress.
  1. 4. Lin Shengzhong, Chairman of CNPC, said: I am honored to be invited to participate in today's event and give a 40-minute special speech. The Society of Mining and Metallurgy was founded in Beijing in 16 years. In the 40th year of the Republic of China, the company was founded in Taiwan. One of the groups, such as Dong Weiqiao, Jin Kaiying, Yang Yuxi, Huang Jinying, Xie Shixiong and Su Fuqin, have successively served as the chairman of the Guild, outstanding leadership and contribution, and are admired by the mining industry! The "Technical Medal" set up by the Association has won numerous awards and outstanding achievements in the academic research of energy science and technology. In recent years, the Society has co-organized a special seminar on energy exploration, development and management with CNPC, which is highly regarded by the society and academics. The industry is sure that the word of mouth is on the road.

CNPC is actively exploring and developing domestic and international oil and gas resources to provide stable energy for the country, and we look forward to the advanced mining industry to provide support and guidance.

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102-year "Technical Medal": On behalf of the Association, President Zhu awarded the "Technical Medal" for 102 years to the group member of the Association, Xiangyang Mining Co., Ltd. and individual member Dr. Li Huilong, Technical Manager of Taiwan Baolai Company.

Xiangyang Mining Company exploits the environmental greening and innovation of the eastern sericite mine; its products are processed and made many contributions in textile, rust prevention, LED optoelectronics and agriculture; at the same time, more than 85% of the company's employees come from local aborigines, attracting highly educated talents. The township serves R&D department, enhances the company's competitiveness, promotes sericite excavation, promotes local prosperity and national economic development, and contributes a lot! Medal of honor:

Founded in the Republic of China in 64 years, Xiangyang Mining Co., Ltd. is the only mica mineral development company in Taiwan; it uses the excavator to shovel out without explosives, saving the cost of explosives and facilitating safety management. The mine is initially backfilled with waste sand, planting greening Environment; slurry transportation is carried out by using PVC pipelines to the concentrating plant of 3 kilometers away from the topographical drop, saving energy and avoiding the impact of transportation vehicles on the environment and ecology.

In the processing and utilization of sericite, it uses innovative technology and diversified development to produce high-value mica raw materials and promote the upgrading of traditional industries. The products developed are applied to heat preservation, textiles, and steel salt and rust-proof coatings, and have outstanding performance. In addition, the company has developed high-efficiency heat-dissipating composite plastics in the green energy photoelectric industry, which is used in the lightweight LED photoelectric industry. Praise. The crude product is blended with organic fertilizer, shortening the fermentation time by more than 2/3, so it is found that it does not reduce the catalytic element; it also replaces the agricultural insecticide, and creates biotechnology to prevent the dawn of plant pests and diseases, and promotes the vigorous development of organic agriculture. .

The company currently produces more than 10,000 metric tons of sericite per year, ranking among the top 10 in the world. In response to the large demand in the market, it is planning to increase annual production to 30,000-30,000 metric tons. The prospects are promising. In the employment market, more than 85% of the company's employees come from local aborigines, and at the same time, it attracts high-educated talents from Bo and Master to return to the R&D department to enhance the company's competitiveness. The company has made great contributions to the promotion of local prosperity and national economic development with sericite mining, and awarded the “Technical Medal” of the highest honor of the Republic of China in 102 years.

Dr. Li Huilong develops solid oxide fuel cell connection board, 1PIS process technology leads the world, improves powder metallurgy mold design, develops engine transmission gear development products and sells first in the US market; "drive gear box" is the first manufacturer in Germany to supply German company For China, we have entered the milestone of international powder metallurgy automobile parts, and won numerous domestic and international product design awards and innovation awards. We have contributed to the national economic development and the technical medals are as follows:

Zhang Ming praises:

Mr. Li Huilong, a member of the Association, was born in Changhua County, Taiwan. He was born on May 26, 1949, and is a Ph.D., National Institute of Materials and Engineering, National Taiwan University.

Li has served in Taiwan Baolai Co., Ltd. since the Republic of China in 1984. He is gradually promoted to the manager of the technical department due to his outstanding performance. He specializes in powder metallurgy, material processing, composite materials and quality engineering technology; published papers and discourse 60 The remaining articles won the Best Paper Award of the Republic of China Powder Metallurgy Association; in 1999, the Republic of China was awarded the Outstanding Engineer Award of the Chinese Society of Engineers.

Dr. Li improved the design of powder metallurgy molds, developed engine gears and gears, and opened the domestic market for powder metallurgy products. The "drive gearbox" was the first manufacturer of Taiwan's Baoledi company to supply directly to the German company, and stepped into Taiwan. Milestone of international powder metallurgy automotive parts.

Developed solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) connecting board, 1P1S process technology leads the world, high quality, low manufacturing cost, product won the Ministry of Economics Innovation Award in 101 years; led the technical team to win the US MPIF Design Competition Award and 6 times of powder The Metallurgical Association Innovation Awards have made great achievements.

The newly developed aluminum alloy, tin alloy, SMC composite material and metal matrix composite material have unlimited potential; the technology is exquisite and contributes to the national economic development. The special award of the “Technical Medal” of the Republic of China in the year of 102 is awarded. excitation.

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The scholarship was given by the two sons of Mr. Lu Shandong in the Republic of China in 1999. In order to thank the family for their contribution to the mining industry, the special donation was set up and the committee was appointed. Each year, it is awarded to three graduate students from National Cheng Kung University, National Taipei University of Science and Technology and National Chiao Tung University.

This year, the winners of the Lu Shandong Awards Student Selection Committee will be selected as follows:

◆ Ke Wei: Ph.D. student, Institute of Resource Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

◆ Ouyang Caizheng: Master of Materials Engineering, National Taipei University of Science and Technology

◆Lu Yixuan: Master of Materials Science and Engineering, National Chiao Tung University

Dr. Lu Chaoqun, the chairman of Mr. Lu Shandong's Ergongzi Chuangchuang Technology Co., Ltd. personally came to the awards. Each prize was NT$10,000, and the certificate was awarded.

  • ● 101 Years of "Thesis Award": The paper awards presented are 236 papers published in the 101st annual conference. There are 1 special prize, 2 excellent prizes and 6 excellent works prizes. The authors and their titles are as follows:


Title: Development of Ultra Low Carbon Nitrogen Sulfur Steel Refining Process Technology (Special Award)*

Liu Yongzhang, Su Yanhao, Feng Rongzhong, Yuan Chenghua


Synthetic Cordierite's Innovative Operation Technology Development (Excellent Award)

Yan Fuji, You Peiqing, Chen Zhengyu, Li Manni


Exploration of Novel White Light-emitting Diode Fluoride Sulfide Fluorescents (Excellent Award)

Chen Dengming, Wu Hao


Simulation Study on the Production of Oil Sands by SAGD in Lost Belts (Good Works Award)

Wang Zhiwen, Zeng Jizhong, Wu Baiyu, Lin Zaixing


Analysis of Electroplated Copper Microstructures at Various Stages of Through Hole Filling Using EBSD (Jia Zuo Award)

He Zhengen, Liao Chengwei, Hua Xinhui, Chen Hongjie


Gelation and Degumming Mechanism between Hydroxylated BaTiO3 and PVA and B2O3 in Water Slurry (Jia Zuo Award)

Zhang Zhongyu, Li Jialu


Effect of Oxygen Atmosphere on Low Temperature Carbonization of Biomass (Jia Zuo Award)

Lu Kemiao, Liu Shixian, Chen Weixin, Li Wenzhi


Process and Characteristics of Electrolyte Supported Microtubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (Jia Zuo Award)

Xie Wenshuo, Lin Peng, Wang Xifu


Research on the Efficiency of Nano-Rare Earth Phosphors in Improving the Efficiency of Twin Solar Cells (Jia Zuo Award)

Chen Dengming, Hong Wenbin

* This paper also won the "Engineering Paper Award" from the Chinese Trade Union.

The above winners will be awarded by the Director of the Mining Committee of the Association, the Director of the Mining Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Zhu Mingzhao. The special prize will be awarded NT$10,000, and the certificate will be awarded. The prize will be awarded NT$10,000 per prize, and each person will be awarded a certificate. Each prize of the prize is NT$10,000, and each person is awarded a certificate of paper.

102 008

●Mining Student Awards - The list of winners is as follows:

















The chairman of the member committee of the Association, Vice President Wang Xifu of the Taipei University of Science and Technology, presented the award, each of which was awarded NT$10 million, and the certificate was awarded.

102 009

■Keynote speech: After the awarding ceremony, the speech was given by Chairman Lin Shengzhong of Taiwan Petrochemical Company. The topic was “The Challenge and Countermeasure of Shale Gas”. Chairman Lin made a detailed analysis of the causes of shale gas and the occurrence of the world; It is felt that the development of shale gas will change the status quo of international energy supply and demand after several years, and the price of energy will drop. It will be a great boon for countries that lack energy resources to import. The brilliant speech won the applause of the audience. On behalf of this Council, Mr. Zhu gave a gift to the "Energy Helmsman, Leaders Group" Crystal Plate B. Thank you.

102 010

After the special report, the annual meeting specially arranged for the VIPs and members to take a group photo in front of the public building to commemorate.

■Preparation report of the annual meeting (President of the annual meeting of the President Wang Xiqin):

After the group photo, Mr. Wu Rongzhang reported on the preparations for the 102nd annual meeting. He said: The preparatory meeting for the annual meeting was guided by Chairman Zhu, and the preparatory committee members worked together to hold three large-scale preparatory meetings and decided to organize and hire the preparatory meeting. The convener of each working group and the keynote speaker of the annual meeting, the theme of the symposium and the keynote speaker, and actively sought papers, the most important is the fundraising; all the planning and progress were smoothly promoted and finally succeeded. Completed the 102-year annual event. Thanks to the hard work of the colleagues in the preparatory work, the China National Petroleum Research Institute provided the venue and administrative support for the meeting, the selection of the prizes and the financing of the financial team, thank you!

■Conference Comprehensive Report (Lin Secretary Secretary relocated):

102 011

The Secretary-General of the Association, Lin Zaiqian, will briefly report on the 102-year conference as follows:

  1. 1. Number of members: (1) 45 group members; (2) 11 honorary clubs; (3) 166 permanent members; (4) 861 members; (5) 149 members; (6) junior members 1,134 people, a total of 2,310 members. (Eminent members are incorporated into permanent membership statistics).
  1. 2. Conference work: (1) The Selection Committee will handle the nomination and election of the 57th Session of the Board of Directors, Supervisors and Representatives in 103∼104; (2) The Medal Committee will review the selection of candidates for the 102-year “Technical Medal”; (3) The joint meeting of supervisors was held four times in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association; (4) to handle the first meeting of the 30th member representative assembly, and to pass the 102-year work plan and budget.
  1. 3. Business work: (1) Publication of the 57th issue of Volumes 1-3, edited in the 4th edition; (2) 59 special academic events held throughout the year; (3) Cross-Strait academic exchanges

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會中,另邀請貴賓美國加州大學能源研究中心副主任Dr. Nguyen Minh講述「Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology for Green Power Generation and Hydrogen / Chemical Production」。





Dr. Minh在會中也補充說明固態燃料電池技術,對綠色能源之影響及未來發展,將取得重要地位。


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