China Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Society Annual Meeting

        A large-scale annual gathering of national members to hold annual meetings in the domestic mining and metallurgical business concentration sites to explore mining and metallurgy policies, promote exchanges between academic and friendship, participate in paper presentations, annual banquets, and visit various mines Homework, to achieve the macro effect of the field of technology.

After the establishment of the 15th year of the Republic of China (1926), the Association held its first annual meeting in Beijing from the 16th year (1927) and then held annually.

■ In the 40th year of the Republic of China (1951), after the resumption of the meeting in Taipei in October, the annual meeting was resumed in November of the same year, and the annual meeting of the Chinese Society of Engineers and the specialized engineering associations was held. In the past few years, the annual meeting has been held, the ceremony has been in full bloom, and it has three major characteristics.

(1) The first feature

      In the middle of the year, the Society awarded the "Technical Medal" to individual members or group members with outstanding technical achievements; the "Security Medal" to the members of the mines with good safety and safety; the "Thesis Award" for the best academic research papers Member of the "Metal and Metallurgy Student Award" for the graduate students of the colleges and universities; holding a "paper presentation" to enable members to have the opportunity to publish their research experiences, and to learn from each other with their comrades. New ideas and effects. In the past 30 years, the papers published in each annual meeting have reached 80 articles. They have only been seen by various engineering societies in China over the past years, and they are also the most outstanding performances of this Council.

(2) Second feature

    In the 52nd year of the Republic of China (1963), on the eve of the annual meeting, the Association held an annual conference on the issue of mining and metallurgy that is urgently needed or urgently needed to be developed, on the development strategy, technology and management. The status quo and forward-looking statements and discussions have made it possible for members and members of the society, as well as the mining and metallurgical authorities, to understand the key issues and future developments, to gather opinions and reach consensus, which is of great significance.

(3) Third feature

      Since the annual meeting of the Republic of China in 1955, each annual meeting has invited the Japan, Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Britain and South Africa to send representatives to the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and Korea. Experts from mining and metallurgy in Indonesia and South Africa came to attend the annual meeting of the Association. During the conference, special lectures, technical seminars, etc. will be arranged to explore the international activities of mining and metallurgy technology for members of the Association, and promote the technical exchanges between group members and individual members and international mining and metallurgical friends to enhance international relations. Up to the 89th year of the Republic of China (2000), due to the sluggish international economy, the invitation to foreign guests was suspended. However, if foreign guests are willing to come to participate, they are welcome.

Since the resumption of the meeting, this Council has held a list of "themes" of the symposium: it is full of enthusiasm.



 Republic of China 101 years

Climate change and energy saving

 Republic of China 100 years

Opportunities and visions for the development of marine resources

 Republic of China 99 years

Development of rare earth metals and green energy industry

Republic of China 98 years

The Impact of International Financial Storm on China's Mineral Supply and Demand and Countermeasures

Republic of China 97 years

World Clean Energy and Related Materials Development Trends and Prospects

Republic of China 96 years

Discussion and countermeasures on global warming

Republic of China 95 years

How does Taiwan continue to operate and manage energy?

Republic of China 94 years

The warning and countermeasures of Taiwan's ecological and environmental crisis

Republic of China 93 years

International View of Resource Regeneration and Sustainable Development

Republic of China 92 years

China's mining and metallurgy industry's outward production and trade practice

Republic of China 91 years

New Century Advanced Materials Technology

Republic of China 90 years

Development, utilization and development of marine resources

Republic of China 89 years

Global population, resource and environment interaction and resource sustainability strategy

Republic of China 88 years

Exploration and development of new resources in the sea area

Republic of China 87 years

Prospects for industrial water and water production technologies

Republic of China 86 years

Development of the downstream steel industry in Taiwan

Republic of China 85 years

Overseas oil and gas exploration - Ecuador mining area

Republic of China 84 years

The development and challenges of new materials in the 21st century

Republic of China 83 years

21st Century Energy Outlook and Challenges

Republic of China 82 years

Resource development and utilization in the 21st century

Republic of China 81 years

Current Situation and Prospects of Industrial Technology across the Taiwan Straits

Republic of China 80 years

Resource regeneration technology

Republic of China 79 years

Development of stone mines in eastern Taiwan

Republic of China 78 years

Mining and metallurgy development in mainland China

Republic of China 77 years

Development of stainless steel industry in the Republic of China

Republic of China 76 years

Development and Prospect of Taiwan Gems Industry

Republic of China 75 years

Current status and development trend of aluminum industry

Republic of China 74 years

Mineral resources and cutting-edge technology

Republic of China 73 years

mport technology and management of liquefied natural gas

Republic of China 72 years

Promote overseas mineral exploration and development

Republic of China 71 years

Automation of the steel industry

Republic of China 70 years

Exploration and development of oil sources in the world and Taiwan

Republic of China 69 years

China's mastery and operation of coal resources in the next decade

Republic of China 68 years

Refractory industry technology and prospects

Republic of China 67 years

Development of Taiwan's limestone mine and cement industry

Republic of China 66 years

Sinosteel Smelting Production Technology

Republic of China 65 years

Development of Taiwan's non-ferrous metal industry

Republic of China 64 years

Marine oil exploration and development technology

Republic of China 63 years

Telemetry technology and resource exploration

Republic of China 62 years

Research on Taiwan Petroleum Exploration

Republic of China 61 years

Development of the steel industry

Republic of China 60 years

Prospect of submarine oil exploration for Taiwan's energy

Republic of China 59 years

The development of Taiwan's copper industry

Republic of China 58 years

Modern exploration technology

Republic of China 57 years

Development of the aluminum industry


The 80-101 Annual Meeting of the Association and the Directors' Committee

Year (Republic of China)



executive Secretary


National Kaohsiung University School of Management Lecture Hall

 Wang Xiqin

Huang Huaming


Taipei University of Science and Technology, the sixth teaching building, International Conference Hall

Chen Yizhen

Huang Huaming


National Success University Library B1 Conference Hall

Shen Yonghui

Lei Datong


Institute of Exploration and Production, Taiwan Oil Company, Miaoli City

Huang Jinfu

Li Rongzhen


Shangzhi Education Research Center, Datong University, Taipei

Qiu Liuhe

Yang Zhifu


Kaohsiung City Steel Corporation T1 Assembly Hall

Chen Yusong

Huang Yijiang


International Hall, Ambassador Hotel, Taipei

Song freshman

Huang Zhentai


Taipei University of Science and Technology, Institute of Science and Technology, Round Conference Hall

Wang Xifu

Zheng Dawei


Tainan University of Success International Conference Hall

Li Zhenduo

Lei Datong


Miaoli Zhongyou Exploration and Production Department Ziyuan Grand Hall

Su Fuqin

Chen Chengxing


Hsinchu Institute of Technology Comprehensive Conference Hall

Song freshman

Huang Zhentai


Tainan Successful University Library Conference Hall

Yu Guanghua

Lin Zaixing


Hualien Dahan Institute of Technology Business School Red Hall

Chen Tongyuan



Yangmingshan Chinese Culture University Xiaofeng Memorial Hall

Wei Jisheng

Luo We


Tainan Success University Gezhi Hall

Wen Shaobing

Yan Fuji


Taipei University of Science and Technology Institute

Weng Zuyu

Zheng Dawei


Miaoli Zhongyoutai Exploration Office Ziyuan Grand Hall

Xie Shixiong

Chen Furong


Taipei Institute of Technology

Chen Lingyuan

Lin Zaiqian


Kaohsiung City Sinosteel Zhongzhengtang

Hong Rongjin

Huang Zhongyu


Tainan Success University Medical College Chengxing Hall

Chen Jiarong

Yan Fuji


Miaoli Zhongyou Company Exploration Institute Auditorium

Xiao Baozong

Dai Kuncheng


Taipei Jiantan Youth Activity Center

Li Hanjin

Li Hughes